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  1. What Canadian schools have you applied to? From what you have written, you would be eligible to apply to U of A, and with their recent decreased weighting on GPA (also recalculate your cGPA with their scheme, which drops your worst year) you could have a shot. My recommendation would be to try to apply for one cycle in Canada, and if it doesn’t work then look into other options( whether that’s Australia, another career path, Masters, etc.). You aren’t really that old in the grand-scheme of things. An extra year isn’t going to matter. All the best with this difficult decision!
  2. Spring and summer semesters that are full time (2 or more courses) are now counted towards your GPA (or they were, last cycle). Whereas before I believe it was only courses taken between September-April. Hopefully the school clarifies how they will be calculating and dealing with GPA in the future. Would be interesting to know.
  3. Interesting. I know they already changed the cGPA calculations last year with how they account for spring and summer courses. Hopefully they continue to change things in the direction of accepting people with "lower" GPAs. They are missing out on a lot of great applicants with the averages where they are at right now. I would hope that they eventually move to a cutoff style model, where if you have a GPA over a 3.5 or so you meet the criteria and it wont account for anything further.
  4. For another perspective, there is absolutely nothing wrong with starting your MSc and then dropping out once you are accepted. Given that you and your supervisor are on the same page, of course. This can be more difficult to do in a situation where a supervisor is investing a lot of money in you and your project (esp. in some wet labs), but if that isn't the case, most supervisors are understanding.
  5. What are post-acceptance conditions? Just having a GPA over a minimum cutoff? I see that through Apply Alberta my transcripts were requested pre-interview for the fall term and just recently for the winter term.
  6. I also haven’t had to go through this process, but I would not leave things up to chance. Move it up as much as possible, it would be very unfortunate to be denied admission or needing to defer for a year because of this. I’m not sure if they would be lenient in any way, but I highly doubt it...they seem to be pretty clear on that in the applicant manual.
  7. If they are efficient with it there might not be that many people to contact. For instance, for repeat-applicants they might forgoe contacting verifiers that have been previously contacted. In the past they also took a different approach than U of A, which sends emails to all your verifiers, and just randomly contacted verifiers for activities that they wanted to confirm. But it will be exciting once we hear that they have started because at least then we know we are nearing D-day.
  8. So I remembered I took a screenshot after I submitted my application last year because, well, I'm paranoid like that. I just found it and I had the interview tab back then as well. It looks like it just stuck around from last years interviews. For those that don't have the interview tab, I would not read anything in to it.
  9. Same here. Now i won't be able to do anything tomorrow! I am seeing the tab as well, not really sure what to do with that information. Could just be there for those of us that had an interview last year, and we shouldn't read anything into it...
  10. I don’t see it that way. Most applicants will have tons of awards, I don’t think anybody on the admissions committee cares that we got deans list x number of times or that we got an entrance scholarship. They are almost expecting that, especially with the GPAs people are applying with. Awards that are more special and maybe not based on just academics, will probably be written about in the top 10. Dr. Walker also mentioned something during that information session which I agree with very much; Its not so much the award that matters, but why you got that award, and the work/comitttment that was invoked in that.
  11. I don’t have professional emails for all of my verifiers. Unfortunately it’s been a while since some of these activities for me and my contacts at the organizations have either left or retired, so I’m almost forced to use a personal non-organization address. I don’t want to just add a general contact from the organization because who knows what they will say, depending on their record-keeping they might just say that you have never worked/volunteered/whateverd there before. I figure if the medical school has a problem with a gmail email address they can just phone the verifier? For personal experiences, if there is somebody that could verify your activity, then add that person, but otherwise if it’s not something verifiable then just don’t add a verifier.
  12. In the latest information session Dr. Walker mentioned that the admissions people looking through your application barely look at the awards section... so it probably doesn’t matter. So I just put each award separately, if they don’t like that then they should have told us to enter them differently. This is one thing that U of A does better, I think, by asking us to add only a few more memorable/meaningful awards.
  13. Putting zero or leaving it blank works. It seems that when you leave it blank and save it, it puts in zero as a default. Its a numeric field, so it will not accept just any alphanumeric characters, only numbers.
  14. I would definitely not write about this... First of all, it's not a low score compared to what some other applicants will be applying with. This just seems uncessesary, I would leave this section blank unless you really had something going on that affected your academic performance more long-term. The admissions comittee doesn't care that you wrote it after first year or that you did better on practice tests. At best they will look at these as excuses and at worst they might question your judgment (you decided to write the test after first year) or your ability to perform under pressure (seeing as how you did better on practice tests). Sorry if this comes of as harsh, but that is what comes to my mind if I would be reading something like that in an application.
  15. I think you haven't received any replies because these are tough questions to answer properly, I'm sure none of us want to give you incorrect information. As for your first question the applicant manual says "Applicants using courses completed at Athabasca University or other distance education providers must provide proof that the courses in question were completed within the September 1st - April 30th time frame." (emphasis mine). So it looks like this course would not fall under the fall/winter semester and therefore not used in your GPA calculation. It should therefore probably added under the summer semester. As for emails for verifiers I have been in a similar position. I generally just put the email of the person that is best qualified to talk about my experience, even if the email is not a professional email. I don't know if this is the correct way of doing it, but I figure if its not the office of admissions will contact you to ask for another email/verifier. Good luck finishing your application!
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