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  1. For family reasons, looking to transfer into Ottawa FM (or Queens FM) from McMaster FM. Starting PGY1 year. Message if interested, thanks!
  2. Can anyone share some examples of how much psychiatrists make in Ontario vs Quebec (and what type of work they do)?
  3. wiseottawa

    Lasik Eye Surgery

    Anyone have this done with vision -8 or -9? I am wondering what procedure would be best and if it is doable and safe.
  4. Anyone know which residency programs for fam med in Ontario are the most competitive to get into, relatively speaking? I saw that Queens takes like 20 CMGs or less a year and I'm wondering if it's worth doing an elective there to increase my chances of matching to Ontario. When I saw that stat, I realized that may not be the best strategy to match into Ontario... especially if my number one goal is to match into Ottawa. Ideally I would do electives in all schools but not possible for me. Thoughts?
  5. I am wondering how difficult it is for a family doc who completed residency in one province (Quebec) to find a job and set up a practice in another province (Ontario) ? How hard is it to learn how to work in a new system? What else makes it difficult? Any advice would be appreciated. My preferred destination is Ottawa and I am located in Montreal.
  6. wiseottawa

    Healthy Weight Management

    I am happy you got your routine back again! My focus this summer was to get fit before I start school, but it almost seems pointless if it is hard to maintain in the long run. It's like I would have been skipping out on those wing nights and pizza parties for nothing.
  7. I can imagine it would be hard to maintain an exercise and healthy eating routine in med school, especially during clerkship. Did anyone experience any drastic changes in their weight since undergrad? Is it hard to maintain a healthy weight as ther years progress due to not having time to cook or exercise and other factors? Any thoughts would be appreciated ​
  8. wiseottawa

    What's On Your Mind?

    Really thinking about learning to play the acoustic guitar as a summer hobby. I'm debating on whether it would be worth the investment if I may be too busy to continue learning when I start med... But if I don't learn now, when will I ever have the time? The internal struggles.
  9. Can anyone shed some light on what it is like to practice in Internal medicine? I am curious to know more about work environment, rewards, challenges, flexibility in schedule, ability to control hours and other lifestyle factors. I feel like I would be interested in IM, especially with the opportunity to sub-specialize if I decided to down the road; however, based on my online speciality assessment, I am not very compatible with it. It would be nice to get an insider perspective on the field!
  10. wiseottawa

    Who's Got Travel Plans For The Summer?

    Vancouver in mid-June! Any recommendations on what to do and where to go?
  11. I think the real question is what is the best med school for you. With variations in teaching styles and curriculum setup, among other things, that could be a factor in how well the material is received by each student. As well, I believe every school as their set of strengths, whether that be strong research opportunities, early clinical exposure, rural medicine (like in Alberta schools or NOSM) or even an accelerated program. Other than that, I would like to think that the standard of education and training is the same across Canadian schools.
  12. I am looking for reps in Ottawa for TD, RBC, Scotia and CIBC. And anyone able to get a TD aeroplan credit card along with the LOC without meeting the minimum household income requirement? Thanks in advance!
  13. I am curious to see what people think about investing in a condo at the start of an MD. At least in my situation, I would put 20% down (with line of credit if possible?) on property in MTL. Or, my second option is I could invest in condo for my sister starting undergrad in Ottawa and my parents would take care of the mortgage for her 4 years (while a roommate's contribution would take care of the condo fees). That would mean that I would be renting in MTL...but ideally I would like to work in Ottawa for PGY so it would benefit me in the future. Worse comes to worse I could rent it out when my sister is done undergrad if I do not move back. I am trying to think long term, especially since tuition in relatively cheap at McGill as a QC resident; however I do not want to screw myself over by the excessive interest charges from putting 20% down when starting year 1 (assuming that I can do that). Thoughts?
  14. Thank you both! I will certainly get on that. And I am excited to be apart of the McGill family!