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  1. school interviewing at: UofT specialty: Family Medicine current interview date: Jan 19th (afternoon)  date would like to switch to: Jan 21st  any additional notes: have interview the day before. would like some room
  2. Thanks for the input! Do you have any idea on what I should look into for seeing whos "influential" for lack of better words? I.e. does being a program director of a fellowship program put them at a higher on a "influence meter" versus someone who has been on the faculty for a longer period of time?
  3. Haha I actually don't know if the older physician will still be around. He looks like he can retire at any point.
  4. Hello, I'm a MSI4 whos doing a little planning ahead for MSM. My school has a research block in 4th year so it would make sense for me to try to seek research opportunities for the sub specialty I want as I am thinking of IM. Since medicine subspecialties are much smaller field I assume the "who you know" factor plays into it a lot more than matching to IM. I found two potential PIs that I am interested in. One is a young staff who is extremely qualified, hired on as an associate head role at a very young age and leading trials. Other one is one of the most influential individual in the department, world-class leader whos research I may be slightly less interested in. Young staff: probably more productive given his point in career, probably will care about me more & have more time to support me, but will not have been in the department/field long enough for him to sway the departments (esp OOP programs) for me. Older staff: probably less productive and not support me in research as much as I will need/want, but his opinion will matter a lot more in this subspecialty across the country. For those wiser than me that have gone through this game, is who you know as big of a factor as I'm making it out to be? I already have done a bit of research in this field and have few 1st author publications. At this point is it wiser to find the biggest name that can support me?
  5. Wondering which programs people have heard that won't interview you unless you have done electives there? Also I'm wondering if anyone matched to Mac IM without doing elective there?
  6. As title says, I'd like to space out my "hard" electives with those that require minimal studying, time presence, etc.
  7. Is that for academic positions in a large academic hospitals? I don't see why you would need 2 years of fellowship (or any) to join a community cardiology practice in GTA region.
  8. i'd like to know more too no one has done calgary GI?
  9. Wondering if anyone has done or heard anything about ICU electives at St.Paul's? I'm looking to do it in my 4th year elective and just wondering what people thought about the rotation
  10. Wondering if anyone has done or heard anything about ICU electives at St.Paul's? I'm looking to do it in my 4th year elective and just wondering what people thought about the rotation
  11. Hey guys, I was looking through the AFMC portal to see if there were any research electives and was surprised to find that there aren't any listed for most of the schools including University of Toronto. I looked at the UofT's own elective site and saw that they did indeed have research electives there but didn't have those listed on the AFMC. Is it possible to contact the department and potential PI then apply for the elective or if its not on AFMC is it not allowed?
  12. I'm looking into internal medicine and just wondering as an OOP applicant do you require to have done CTU electives to get in UofT IM program? Or would doing sub-specialty elective suffice? I also want to do CCU and don't want to spend 2 months of my electives just doing CTU at my home school AND UofT
  13. What's the daily work schedule like for pathologists? What is a typical ballpoint for salaries? Thanks!!
  14. What is the hourly rate like (roughly)? if you don't mind sharing. Of course it will vary between group by group I'm guessing, but should be relatively similar no?
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