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  1. Unless they changed it from previous years, it is three people. Best of luck, and if it's a no, I hope you apply again!
  2. I've lived in CQ for two years and I'm switching to grad house this year. This last year I was lucky enough to get a single room which was awesome (very few in CQ). I had my own space and it was much cheaper than grad house. My roommate from first year had some very disturbing bathroom habits I would like to forget so the change was a godsend. Normally, residence allows you to renew your room if you're living there year-long. I was planning to renew this room until the end of my program. Unfortunately, they arbitrarily decided to reserve the building I was in and another for summer conferences. Everyone in these two buildings had to move to the other two CQ buildings. We were given very short notice about this and we had no say in matter of room selection. It was 'agree' or find somewhere else. To make matters worse, the move-out date is organised according to undergraduate student schedules; one week before writing this year's final exams I was packing my shit up and moving literally next door! That was fun. I do have good things to say about CQ. Everything's new n' shiny so the apartments are nice. The rooms have decent sound proofing. To address mmd7's comment, I've never heard anything about bed bugs and there's no issue with heating here. Lastly, it is considerably cheaper than grad house. Personally, I don't think the benefits are worth it. Getting utterly screwed over during finals is a deal breaker for me. I cannot stress enough that not bringing your car is a bad idea. If you live in residence you can get a parking spot in U-lot. Most of the spaces are electrified and they currently putting more in; I have never had trouble finding a spot. It gets packed but there's always been a plug-in available. The area furthest from the buildings is usually bare, so it's more about finding a good spot instead of finding a plug-in. Saskatoon is not a transit/alternate transportation friendly city. I agree with mmd7's post about bus service. The nearest grocery store is Sobey's on 8th street, which is about a 15-20 minute walk; you will not enjoy that in January. One important point to consider is that your clinical training can and will occur at locations far away from the university. Sometimes your schedule makes it stressful to get to these sessions on time even with a car. These sessions occur in groups of 2-4 so carpooling may be an option but that's a gamble.
  3. Good luck everyone! Hopefully this year's backpacks will be bright pink!
  4. I voted for pink! That would have made my day but I didn't think it'd happen.
  5. http://youtu.be/RxQ5NB4aqHE?t=2m47s
  6. Be sure to answer the poll asking which year you're in so that we know who you are. Congratz!
  7. Unless you are an out of province or aboriginal applicant then your email from the Admissions committee should have detailed which group you are in. The aforementioned groups both have waiting lists as well but they are handled differently.
  8. As the others have mentioned, it is usually expected that you will finish your grad program since others have invested their time and money into you. I successfully applied to med during the first year of my thesis-based masters program. My school allows a 1 year deferred entrance to grad students to finish their programs; that's what I did. I was upfront with my supervisor about my plans and he was supportive. He even gave me a reference for my application. I was not able to finish my program before the start of classes so I went on academic leave and will be completing my program this summer. If you want to do a grad program, many schools have structures in place to accommodate you. I wouldn't recommend entering a grad program unless you are committed to finishing it.
  9. Last year they took several days to release the emails. Prior to last year, it all happened in a single day. Has anyone else not received theirs?
  10. I would expect some serious hiccups for the next year or two. Next year's class is starting the 2+2 curriculum. This is a change from the current 2.5 years of preclinical + 1.5 years of clinical. When they introduced the "distributed learning" model, the Regina site had some issues for the first year or two (lack of resources, teachers not showing up for lectures, etc.). That being said, I've heard a lot of good things about the Regina site nowadays. So I would expect similar growing pains for the 2+2 curriculum. I heard from one of my Pro Skills preceptors that one of the proposed changes was to reduce Pro Skills teaching in half. If this is the case, I honestly haven't got a clue how next year's class is going to learn that much material in half the time (we're stressed enough as it is with the current allocation of time). This, of course, may be incorrect or may change before next year.
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