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  1. Anyone know if there are any stipends/discounts provided for laptops/electronics? I believe alberta has some but wondering about ontario. TIA
  2. RBC says that if your interest payment is late, they will add that interest to the principal owed and calculate next month's interest based on that number. That's essentially equivalent to paying the monthly interest using the LoC right?
  3. Any particularly good resources that you'd recommend for a novice?
  4. If you use your LoC itself to make a monthly interest payment, wouldn't that increase the next month's interest payment?
  5. Yeah I was thinking that they all seemed pretty similar, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Any thoughts on Scotia's Gold Passport+Gold Amex combo versus RBC's Signature Visa?
  7. What's the point of the Scotia Gold Passport if you get the Scotia Gold AMEX (which gets you 4x points on certain purchases)?
  8. Could you kindly elaborate on what these exclusive Scotia perks are?
  9. Link to **DELETED** page: Link to site: http://www.sonosterra.com Seems pretty great for accompanying your study music.
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