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  1. The lifetime maximum for OSAP funding is 340 weeks (non doctoral) and 400 weeks (doctoral). Eventually, I'll run out of funding (13 years total in school), but I will complete my PhD before entering my final years of medicine. Does the maximum only apply while you're in the doctorate program, and go back to the 340 weeks when I am completing my MD? Or does it stay at 400 weeks throughout my time at school? *Mainly asking because income is higher during the PhD and I won't get any grants, whereas I can maximize funding in my MD years if I forego funding now. Just wondering if anyone on these boards had experience with this! Thanks!
  2. It looks like the MD/PhD funding has been cut dramatically. Now Western will only cover $10,000 to offset 4 years of med tuition. The PhD portion will remain with the normal graduate stipend. Source: https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/medicine/md_phd/future_students/faq.html Thoughts?
  3. Invite 88.3% RC: 23 AA: 22 Time to prepare!
  4. Hey, Just wondering if I should spend the money if there's not a chance... wGPA: 3.905 AA: 22 RC: 23 PAT: 19 I'm applying to Western and McGill already, is it worth it to apply to U of T? Thanks!
  5. RC: 23 Bio: 20 Chem: 22 TS: 21 PA: 19 AA: 22 I knew Perceptual Ability wasn't going to be that strong, but overall I'm happy.
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