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  1. So I don't know if this the right forum for this but I was wondering, when/where do medical students learn about how family medicine practices are set up? How can we learn about FHNs/FHOs/PCNs and the business side of things? Maybe put more simply, where can I learn about the nuts and bolts about opening a family practice in Ontario? I have interest in business, so this is just fun side information for me. Thank you so much, daftjustice
  2. Spot on. Similarly, not every CSA comes from a high SES background. The loans I've seen some of my CSA friends take out were insane (some could only go abroad because they had divorced parents who could therefore provide two independently co-signed loans)
  3. Of course it requires hard work. But the thing is there are many many people who don't get accepted who are basically indistinguishable from any matriculating CMGs 95+% of the time. I would say the difference between those who were accepted and the next 10-20% of applicants IS luck. In other words...hard work is necessary but not sufficient to get into med school. I'm currently a CMG, who was previously a CSA for 2 years in Ireland and I can tell you the difference between most of my CSA classmates and my CMG ones is virtually nil.
  4. Hello everyone, So I am going to be visiting Toronto for 1.5 months in June & July, visiting family and doing some non-med school related work. I've grown a stronger interest in Family Medicine over the past year and was looking into perhaps shadowing at an FM clinic while I'm in Toronto so as not to keep my skills up over the summer. Is there anyone who can recommend via PM a physician who might be willing to have a student shadow for a couple of days or even a week? Or if not, let me know how else I can best go about trying to find a FM doc I can get in contact with? Thanks so much!
  5. Why lol? I have family moving there soon and I'm interested in being close to them
  6. Anyone have any experience in getting surgical summer research at one of the hospitals in NYC (or in the US in general), as a CMG? Also feel free to let me know if I might have better success posting in other forums. Regards, daftjustice
  7. Your application is reasonable. Don't give up. i got in on my 4th attempt (and a 1.5 year stint in medical school abroad). Honestly, many (not most but many) med students don't want to admit that SO MUCH of it is luck once you reach a certain point. i feel you could be at that point Don't give up, apply broadly. Send me a message if you want
  8. Pathology is pretty heavily emphasized. Expect to have to differentiate between diseases based on histology slides they show you [a) renal path :'( , b)the slides tend to be of the sort where if you know it, you know it].
  9. I almost never climb on a high horse regarding digital content but I would highly recommend that you do not illegally torrent or download pathoma. sattar is the man and it's really not expensive (100$ when I bought it last year) to buy his resource.
  10. Hey all, When do we get to go about joining the CMA/AMA? Do we have to wait until school starts?
  11. Holy dicks - that's not just well...that's amazing! Especially if you did it during residency. I've heard that for most people it's nice to be able to do it during a dedicated period (like when they have the summer off.) Did you find that your clinical experience up until that point made the clinical knowledge in Step 1 stuff easier? BEcause I can't imagine that having to go over all that biochem was a pleasure to do during residency
  12. Lol. So just the CMGs who are half-heartedly interested in surgery? What a terrible mindset if that's the case. Tbh the questions asked of 1st year residents was revelatory too. More time in the OR at any point is beneficial if one is doing it right, especially in the summer, It also breaks up the monotonous aspects of research projects. Anyways, OP send a PM if you want to ask some more questions about electives in Ireland - Dublin specifically. I know both CMGs who did electives there and IMGs if you want their perspectives.
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