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  1. easy with the capitals letters. you're triggering my pre-med decision-time ptsd. haha. has any class been the blue footed booby yet?
  2. not only would it appear like you're taking the easiest way out, but it will be a surefire way to reduce your chances at any other medical school to near zero (including u of c if they ever decide to implement a minimum overall score).
  3. additionally, it's possible that you can get requirements waived if you've already taken the related courses in undergrad depending on your program. didn't take a single course in my master's.
  4. i've always wanted to be a nurse with a big personality. 11/10 would be okay.
  5. i think it's going to be CASPer. ugh i don't want to redo it. too many technical problems.
  6. congrats on your acceptance. i think i applied too late. i have decent stats and applied to 14 schools. not a single peep from any of them. what a waste of a few thousand dollars.
  7. man. i had everything ready too. a hot cup of coffee (now cold), a glass of cool water (now warm), warmed my fingers under the tap to get dem wpm (now cold). haha. lorde. i can't do it tomorrow, i'm leaving for a trip. this is giving me anxiety *sigh*.
  8. apparently we wait for an email to allow us to resume.
  9. gamey as in resume fluffing instead of pursuing something for the sole purpose of personal fulfillment. i do many things for the latter reason such as photography, musical instruments, digital art, etc. pretty much all of them are however, unverifiable in the context of the application. i'm not saying that everyone goes and engages in volunteer activities only for their application but you cannot deny that the majority of "pre-med" students do so. i was always operating under the philosophy of doing what you love and that things will work out in terms of your application reflecting that you do indeed have diverse extracurricular interests. i will be pursuing volunteer activities that i am interested in personally of course but my mention of it being "gamey" is to the fact that the primary purpose is to boost my application and no longer solely for personal fulfillment.
  10. I agree. Many applicants I've seen have thousands of hours. I do fully intend to continue volunteering there as much as possible over the next year (in addition to potentially 2 other positions elsewhere in other disciplines). Originally I had qualms with playing such transparent games like this but the system is what it is. I still refuse to pay to go on an abroad trip though. That money is better donated to the Red Cross. It appears more and more the UK is my best international bet. I do know someone over there that went the non-graduate route (out of high school). For international applications, securing a job afterwards is my top deciding factor. Thanks for the information, I will definitely give it a serious read.
  11. no idea. my professors were as surprised as i was. they also okayed my letter of intent and said it was strong and unique. i will give the UK a look. i am fully prepared to live there should i need to.
  12. Thanks sunnyy, I do have a desire to move away from Canada at some point in my life, hence the willingness to consider international. I am basically going to gather as much info as I can, apply to everything (opt and vet included) and make a decision after. Best of luck to you too.
  13. Thanks for the advice freewheeler, it was something I was aware of but haven't really considered. I will take another look at it.
  14. Yeah the honors program required a full course load for every year. I was given a waiver for taking courses in my masters because I had taken all the relevant graduate level courses in my undergrad. It was a 4 year program so 40 courses. I would most likely rather look at optometry or veterinary studies rather than do another undergrad degree (not as a stepping stone to med, as a potential career path).
  15. Hey guys, I've been applying to med for the last 5 years with little success. Last year was the closest I've gotten with being waitlisted in Sask. I've applied to many US schools with no interview requests despite a decent GPA of 3.72, an MCAT of 37R, and glowing reviews from professors/department heads that I knew very well. I'm currently finishing up my thesis based masters following an very relevant medical related (and imo rather difficult) honors degree and am now back at my parents while I figure things out. One of my issues is extracurricular activities. I am planning on spending the year volunteering in a variety of places to compensate (I had 500ish hours at the hospital and have been on numerous executive teams during my undergraduate but nothing special). I am being encouraged to take a look at universities in Australia and Europe but am worried of getting a job afterwards (Caribbean is not a consideration for me). I would not mind staying abroad afterwards but would also look at moving back to Canada or the US. I'm sure there are plenty of posts like this but I'm curious if anybody can provide advice or insight on any aspect of this. I do plan to apply to a few US schools again. My MCAT is now too old so I will have to rewrite it should I want to apply to Canadian schools. Cheers.
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