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  1. Neither neurosurgery nor rad onc are considered very competitive.
  2. ...wow. Thanks for the helpful posts guys! Now for something completely different. Here are a few I use regularly that are free: uCentral: Free if your institution licenses Harrison's online. It's basically Harrison's on your phone. Nuf said. Epocrates: A medication encyclopedia. Include drug information, including dosing, indications, counterindications, interactions, etc. etc. Pretty good for quick reference on the go. Medscape: Good for med related news and Case Reports (set out in a nice quiz style) if you're into that sort of thing. Eponyms: Good for checking those annoying eponymous names, especially in surgery. You can also pay big bucks for stuff like Netter's, no real experience on these but I've heard some say they are helpful. Check the comments and user ratings - they're usually a good indicator. Enjoy your phone. Don't let any haters rag on you - they're just jealous.
  3. I applaud your altruism. Anyone who bashes someone for having a quality like this probably doesn't have much of it himself - don't take the criticism badly. It's true though, as a medical student we'd be pretty helpless on the ground. Money is the best way to go to help out right now. MSF is a good one! The federal government will match dollar-for-dollar on any donation made. Our class organized a pledge sheet to go around during a lecture; over 60% of our class donated over $20, so with the match well over $2000 was raised in less than an hour. Maybe consider something like that? Keep up the enthusiasm.
  4. good discussion and links! I have a hypothetical for pondering... The other day I was in the OR when my elective preceptor asked a resident a surgical anatomy question, which I knew the answer to. I was thinking "dang.. wish he'd asked me that", I kind of like the pimping process (not bragging or anything.. i get nowhere near all of them right). Turns out the resident didn't know, and the next person my preceptor asked was me! This took me by surprise - usually they start with the least experienced person in the room and work their way up with the questions. I had a moment of terror - I didn't want to potentially anger the resident, but I also wanted to show my preceptor that I knew the answer... What would you do?
  5. What does this have to do with homeopathy? Sure, ADR's are really high (in the US, I'd like to see a similar study in Canada). If you're suggesting that means everyone should get a jar of shaken water instead of a legitimate prescription then I'd have to label you as delusional. These types of scaremongering tactics are oh-so beaten to death among alternative medicine fanatics. They always turn to it after objective reasoning disproves their bunk pseudoscience. It's disgusting.
  6. Heyyyo Heard a rumour that Up To Date might soon be coming out with an iPhone app, to keep up with the growing popularity of smart phones over PDAs - anybody else hear anything about this potentially amazing development? Checked the website but all it said was that it was not 'currently available'. Chowder.
  7. Thanks for all the great advice!! I think the following sums up my thinking at the mo. I like to think I'm clean-cut and respectful of patients and colleagues, so hopefully I could get by with the tattoo, but who knows, right? Why take the risk if it's not a big deal? So this is where this leaves me. a. Damn the torpedos and get the tattoo - recognizing that it may have an insidious impact on future evaluations from attendings and leering suspicion from patients. b. Move the tattoo to an area unseen even in scrubs. c. Don't get the tattoo OR.... and let me know what you think of this!! d. Get the tattoo on my arm, and make damn sure that I am always carrying a lightweight, smartish-looking long/snug (breathable! I know, it would get hot under scrubs/gowns) shirt on me to wear under scrubs, so that even if attendings know I have the tattoo, they can rest assured that I won't be 'showing it off' to patients or other docs. Thanks again all you wonderful people you!
  8. Hey all, Kind of a non-issue, but one that's been bugging me and I'd like to hear opinions. For a long while I've wanted to get a tattoo; nothing huge, just a nice subtle black based design (no symbols, words, identifying features, etc.) on my left medial arm. During clinic, office and most other times it would completely covered, but things like surgery, minor procedures etc. would be pretty telling. So the question goes... should I care? I know it won't be a make-or-break deal either way with teachers, patients et. al, but as a newbie clerk do you think the potential hassle would outweigh the benefits? Am I being overly paranoid? That is all. Cheers peeps
  9. Got a deferral email a few days ago, not happy about having to wait until june, but it's better than a rejection! Dal BSc grad, IP GPA - 3.8 MCAT - 31S
  10. remember the cutoffs, 3.3 GPA last two years, 24 MCAT. most maritime students that reach these are granted an interview (used to be all, this changed last year due to number of applicants). i'm guessing the information that might be missing is more important during the final selection processes.
  11. two of my references and MCAT are still showing as incomplete. I found it pretty hard to believe that 2 of my reference letters had been lost in the mail so I emailed admissions 3 days ago. I got this rather exasperated sounding reply on December 3rd. "Please be patient as we are still in the process of data entry." Soo it's pretty annoying seeing as how I'd like to be able to tell my referees right away if they need to write another letter, considering the holidays are coming up the deadline is january 2nd.. bah, it never ends!
  12. But then again, a potentially stellar essay on improvements to the medical admissions process will not even be read if you haven't reached the cutoffs. Ahh the morbid irony of it all... I hope they put everyone's $120 to good use, because it certainly doesn't cost this much to set up the infrastructure to fire off an automatic email after a computer has calculated the algorithm. Congrats to those that made it!
  13. Hey, I noticed that the 'Contact' area is not required. Do we need contact info for all ECs, employment, and volunteering, or just employment and volunteering? Im having trouble contacting some refs from years ago, if we dont have to put them down for ECs that would be awesome!! Cheers
  14. Haha I feel like this could be a verbal reasoning question.. but yeah I put it down too, cant hurt right? If you find out first, let me know!
  15. Look at the previous page, this has already been discussed.
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