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  1. Will they also postpone the interview dates this year?
  2. So it is better not to check the email until noon time.
  3. Does anyone know what the proportion is between the numbers of selected applicants & interviewed applicants: 75%-80%, 80%-85%, 85%-90%, >90%? Every year it may be slightly different. But there might be a ratio. Using last year's stats as an reference: the interviewed applicants of this year may be: 105 of >90%, 250 of 85%-90%, 250 of 80%-85%, 50 of 75%-80%, in total 655.
  4. Congrat! No matter what, you have one in your pocket. Is UBC your top choice?
  5. Referring to the admission requirement, they will consider to withdraw the offer if the total GPA average (including this school year) drops more than 5% after the offer is provided, that is normally hard to happen for the applicant unless really really bad scores. Don't worry. You should be fine. While it may impact the next cycle application slightly.
  6. Yeah, don't rewrite it until it is expired in 2017. You can still apply UBC & Ontario Schools. When will they get rid of MCAT? Some schools don't even look at it. PCAT is not required for pharmacy application now.
  7. Kelowna & Calgary are not far apart except UofC is 3 year's program.
  8. Just to clarify: does 2016/2017 means one more cycle (this coming cycle) or 2 more cycles?
  9. Hope you get more good news. That will make the waitlist moving forward.
  10. I ever heard a true story from Ontario medschool thread. There was a rejected applicant, who already moved on new plan in September, was called back because there was someone who withdrew the offer when the school started.
  11. 655 were interviewed. 288 of 655 will be selected. It is about 1 out of 2.27. So it is not that bad.
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