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  1. To be honest, what I felt was the best preparation for me was to get really introspective. Read things and discuss things that really dig into who you are. What you would do in given circumstances, what you think about current issues and explicitly why you think that way. A book I would strongly recommend to anyone pre-interview is 'Being Mortal' by Atul Gawande. I had no canned responses to interview questions. I suspect I had four different stations that benefited from some of the ideas that this book made me think about. Pretty vague, sorry, but I hope it helps.
  2. I'm a bit late posting, but here goes. Accepted off waitlist to NMP. Time stamp 5/26/2016 2:30:34 PM My stats from last year's rejection are below. I stayed on the waitlist last year right up to the orientation date. MCAT: 28 Overall Grade Point Average 86.58 Pre-Requisite Average 83.04 AQ Score 27.02 NAQ Score 25.19 TFR Score 52.21 Interview Score Above Average In case it isn't obvious from my low GPA, I am IP haha All I did in the time until this year's application was continue to work passionately with both my professional and volunteering ventures.
  3. A good idea! I have a copy of 'Doing Right' that I am offering with the same terms as Nick. Full disclosure though, I'm not sure that 'Doing Right' is a great resource for interview prep, but it's on offer anyways. A book I would strongly recommend for interview prep though is 'Being Mortal' by Atul Gawande.
  4. Hi Folks, This has sort of been answered already but hoping for maybe some more guidance on this. I am not a science major and so am a bit daunted by the first semester. Hoping you can give some idea of what I should brush up on during this summer before MEDD410 and maybe some specific resources if you know of any. Thanks for doing this AUA.
  5. What is the schedule for first year tuition? Is it just two separate chunks, one at the beginning of each term?
  6. Anyone have any insight on how they treat repeating a prerequisite course to boost a mark? I was going to redo a Chem course that went awry during this application cycle to boost my AQ but it looks like they might ignore my re-do and just use the original course that met the requirements? Thoughts?
  7. Nothing here either. Makes it at least six on the list then? haha
  8. If everyone was friends, is it possible that many of the answers given were very similar. Maybe everyone did some preparation together? Could be that that group of 12 interviewed below the average of the rest of those interviewed. Seems logically possible for sure.
  9. Oh, right! hadn't even thought of that variable. I haven't seen that number anywhere.
  10. Does anyone know if they expanded the waitlist in 2012 when there were 64 declined offers? If not then we can maybe assume the waitlist is at least ~70.
  11. Great idea OP. I was coming here to start the very same thread. I'm IP, also willing to go to any sites. Also chasing tea leaves trying to make sense of any data we have to calculate chances haha. Reversion to the mean looks like it should be 45-50 declined offer this year. Based on very little.
  12. For those that were accepted, did they tell you the first day of classes? A waitlister trying to plan an August trip.
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