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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could provide me with some advice. So my question is: Do I have better chances of getting into queens with 3.9 GPA for best two years (but having only 3.0 courses per yr) vs. western with a 3.7 GPA for best two years (but 5.0 courses per yr) I read that queens has much more applicants, and fewer seats. While western has fewer applicants, and more seats. Also, idk how important the MCAT is to either of these schools.. ANyways, any advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Hey guys, So here is my question: if an applicant meets the 3.7 min GPA cut off, does he become "equal" with other applicants with 3.7+ GPAs (i.e. if you have 3.9 GPA for best two years, after meeting the cut offs, do you have an advantage over someone who has just a 3.7?) OR is the deciding factor to get an interview at western the MCAT??
  3. Hey guys, hope your studying is going fantastic and best of luck to anyone writing the MCAT soon ! I was wondering if anyone is planning to cancel their seating in August or September? (I don't think I am prepared to write it this month as I have still one more section to go through (((( ). Also, in the past years, do spots eventually open up as the date approaches?
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