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  1. I’m really embarrassed and would be really grateful for your help. I’d really like to be a doctor, it’s the only thing I would want to do. I feel in awe writing on a med school board as my gpa is so crappy!! A bit about myself, I would like to get into med school. The problem is, I am old (38), and already have a lot of debt from my failed masters degree in architecture. Im currently working as a lowly secretary at a med school. Its the only thing I could find after graduate school 5 years ago. So I have been working in the medical field as admin for years. So embarrassing. My student loans oof 45k and credit card debt have to be paid off so I have had to work after my master's degree which i failed. My gpa is absolutely horrible I think it’s a 3.0, I haven’t taken the MCAT yet, and my first degree is in Art History with a3.0 gpa. My masters gpa might be a bit higher at 3.1, but I did go to Berkeley on exchange and my GRE scores were high I guess. I don’t have a lot of science courses either and the ones that I do have are all Cs or B+, I don’t know how I managed to even get into any school. Thanks for your help. I’m still really hurting after failing my final thesis in Architecture. Even with the fail though im probably at 3-3.2 gpa. I don’t have a lot of recent volunteer experience, either. What would I need to do to get into med school, is there any hope to get in? what is the average cost of med school and what is the employment prospects like afterwards? thanks for your patience, I am an absolute newbie and just starting my preliminary research into this.
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