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  1. a difference in 0.03 GPA points is hardly what I would call significant.
  2. Older (feb 2018) video I found when googling PM101. I found this amusing. BeMo consulting throwing some shade on Premed101... My stance: Premed101 forums give great advice but can cause anxiety if consumed in excessive amounts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh1W36pJvUA
  3. thestar10

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Except we are already in a job crunch with many graduated residents being underemployed. This will make the situation much worse.
  4. thestar10

    CMPA reimbursement for 2017

    I was re-imbursed 2460 for my 2017 CMPA payments. I assume its the same
  5. Signing the paperwork for it next week. My understanding is that I will. I agree if you are purely focused on minimizing the spending, that combo may be slightly better but the momentum infinite really only just covers the grocery stores that don't take amex and the extra 1% at drug stores/recurring payments. Its 250 US for a 10 pass, Priority Pass membership so the rough value provided by the card is probably ~160-180 US= 200-230 CAD. You would have to spend roughly 7000 CAD at the 4% cash back level to get the equivalent benefit. Granted thats assuming you use them all. I definitely will, so the card is a no-brainer for me
  6. Lounge access is worth it. For-exchange is nice. I apply the points to flights which is essentially cashback. It's a bump from the plain passport.
  7. Update: Able to get this card. pending paperwork.
  8. I was (mistakenly) was referring to the momentum Visa in my previous post. Hmm. I will try with my advisor.
  9. I tried but was unsuccessful. Have heard that some people have been able to get it but not standard across all advisors. As a resident, you will likely have 60k income in pgy1 (including stipends)
  10. thestar10

    Tuition Tax Credit

    Just write your total tax credits on TD1 (there are separate federal and provincial forms) and submit them.
  11. thestar10

    Rad Onc Electives

    Surg Onc is relevant don't get me wrong, but no one will fault you for doing no surgical electives :P.
  12. thestar10

    Rad Onc Electives

    I wouldn't do pure rad onc. I don't think you will be faulted for it but I also don't think it makes you look rounded. I suggest at least 2 of some sort of combo og Palliative care/medical oncology/radiology/pathology/surg onc/ent elective.
  13. When you are going to be working non-stop throughout the night (GIM), might as well have good billings. When you are staff busy can be good.
  14. They are entirely different specialties, with different lifestyles, different compensation etc. Its honest apples to oranges comparing the two.
  15. It's a small specialty so its percentages are subject to higher variation than larger programs. That being said, it is an amazing specialty so I've always been surprised it has never been popular.