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  1. A very poor decision on her part with a fair and expected outcome from the college. That withstanding, she was a good oncologist based on my experiences having shared some mutual patients (rather my staff's mutual patients)
  2. thestar10

    Rad Onc + Internal Med

    no. you will be fine. one of my co-residents backed up with med genetics and did fine. Both are not terribly competitive although. In general, I find that radiation oncologists are decently understanding of having diverse interests. I see you go to Mac, I would recommend doing elective during your vacation in the summer to give you six electives. Feel free to private message me. I am an RO resident who went to Mac.
  3. J1 is really far from an ideal visa. It is quite difficult to get an HB-1 nowadays, which frankly is the only visa applicants should really consider.
  4. Canadians are not as preferred due to issues obtaining VISA's, letters of need etc. Backing up in the US is not really a viable option for most people. The effort required to do so would almost certainly be better spent going to making one a better candidate for the Canadian application. Anyway, not sure it was ever answered but the extra Ontario spots were a one-time thing. will not be repeated in the future. (THe government said they were creating the spots but in reality, they told the university to do so and the government did not actually give any additional money to them.
  5. thestar10

    Rad Onc + Internal Med

    People do not match to their top (or even mid) internal programs without doing a single elective. I would look at the past 10 years of carms data you'll see that it's historically been quite uncompetitive(radonc). Yes. People match to Rad Onc with less than half of their electives in it. It is better to be a great applicant in 1 specialty than an average applicant in 2. I know McMaster doesn't give you a lot of time to choose but Choosing does make your life significantly easier.
  6. thestar10

    Rad Onc + Internal Med

    med onc is ++more mobile for jobs. They have more hospitals to get hired at. That being said they are different. Rad Oncs actually look at imaging and are much much more technical. Med onc is equally evidenced based but much less technical. In ON, rad oncs make significantly more than med oncs I agree it is possible to be happy in both re: your match strategy. you will likely need more internal to be competitive (gotta match to IM first) 2 rad onc and 3 medicine/subspecialty probably slightly higher yield.
  7. In Ontario, we are paid per course of radiation. we don't bill by the fraction. Any treatment that takes less up less linac time essentially means we have more treatment unit availability. It's relatively the same amount of effort to plan both SBRT and regular fractionation. Improved targeted/immunotherapies mean patients live longer and are more likely to need radiation intervention at some point in time. The vast majority of approved indications are for metastatic cancers so we are not shrinking our patient pool but are expanding it.
  8. a difference in 0.03 GPA points is hardly what I would call significant.
  9. Older (feb 2018) video I found when googling PM101. I found this amusing. BeMo consulting throwing some shade on Premed101... My stance: Premed101 forums give great advice but can cause anxiety if consumed in excessive amounts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh1W36pJvUA
  10. thestar10

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Except we are already in a job crunch with many graduated residents being underemployed. This will make the situation much worse.
  11. thestar10

    CMPA reimbursement for 2017

    I was re-imbursed 2460 for my 2017 CMPA payments. I assume its the same
  12. Signing the paperwork for it next week. My understanding is that I will. I agree if you are purely focused on minimizing the spending, that combo may be slightly better but the momentum infinite really only just covers the grocery stores that don't take amex and the extra 1% at drug stores/recurring payments. Its 250 US for a 10 pass, Priority Pass membership so the rough value provided by the card is probably ~160-180 US= 200-230 CAD. You would have to spend roughly 7000 CAD at the 4% cash back level to get the equivalent benefit. Granted thats assuming you use them all. I definitely will, so the card is a no-brainer for me
  13. Lounge access is worth it. For-exchange is nice. I apply the points to flights which is essentially cashback. It's a bump from the plain passport.
  14. Update: Able to get this card. pending paperwork.