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  1. I had tech troubles too...and my test was pushed to a later time so I had to scramble to fit it into my schedule. It is not showing in OMSAS that I submitted CASPer to uO. I'll email them as well.
  2. elchristo, taking time off to find yourself is a good idea. I agree with the others, it will likely give you time to sort some things out and realize the direction you are going in and where you'd rather be. I think we can all relate to having some years that were better than others. I for one am a much better student in the last 3 years than I was when I started my long journey through post secondary. I have three F-bombs on my transcript over 5 degrees. One is not core. ​Old marks do drag a WGPA down and it is so hard to pull yourself back up. I wrote the MCAT this year to give myself a better chance and fortunatley I did very well, hopefully showing my raters that I have more to show than what my transcript demonstrates. I just did CASPer today so hopefully that will beef up my rating too. As non-trads, all we can do is our best and throw as many things at these committees as possible. We are competing against young students who have nicely polished transcripts but...we have experience, likely more employment and volunteer history, and overall, a more robust ABS. If medicine is what you really, really want....then go for it. If it was meant to be, it will happen but you will have to regroup and redevelop your strategy. Debt sucks, volunteer work takes time away from making money...but the ABS needs it. Sacrifices are part of building a great OMSAS application. You can do this.
  3. It is so difficult to know when a committee will consider grad school grades or not. I did a two year course based masters and graduated with a 3.7. I had one blemish...a B-. Ottawa U would not consider me eligible because they said I did not complete 3 semesters/sessions of 5 full courses meanwhile I did my masters degree full time with a full course load. NOSM considers your grad degree but only by granting you .2 on your WGPA. I don't believe your grades factor in as part of your overall WGPA. I wonder if putting my masters grades in even make a difference. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  4. I have been told by many GPs and specialists that the MCAT is overkill as well. They said that so much of what is on the MCAT will never be used in a medical career. They cringe when they see what I am studying. While I would like not to have to write it, so many schools require it. As a mature student, I need to try everything to get noticed. Last year, when I applied for the first time and only to non MCAT schools, I didn't get an interview. So MCAT it is..last minute decision...got the last seat in my province and I have 9 days to prepare. Let's hope I've learned something over the years and that it has stayed with me.
  5. I'm only days away from writing my first MCAT and I've just turned 48. I've waited 2 decades to finally apply for med school. This year will be my second attempt. After four careers and 5 degrees including one graduate degree, I figured it is now or never. Visiting the forum for non-trads is always inspiring and helps keep me motivated. You are all fantastic.
  6. Hi Jessica160, It is difficult coming from challenging circumstances that had an effect on your grades. I'm a 15 year veteran of post secondary doing mostly part time and I'm about to finish degree number 5 (4 undergrad and one graduate degree). I'm applying to OMSAS for the second time this year. As mentioned by others, it is nice to have a few more options to apply to in order to increase your chances. Last year I was pigeon-holed into schools that didn't require the MCAT. This year I am writing the MCAT to have more schools to apply to. (I wasn't offered an interview unfortunately. It stung a little but I got over it). I also did the beta testing of the Casper for NOSM and it was so fun! Anyone who is nervous, don't be. Just relax and use your common sense. Read "Doing Right" A Practical Guide to Ethics for Medical Trainees and Physicians by P. C. Hébert. It will be extremely helpful for Casper, MMIs and interviews. I'm much older than most who are applying so I have to pull out all of the stops and see what rabbit I can pull out of my hat. Past 'mistakes' are not mistakes...they were grades that happened when you were not in the best mindset to study and learn. We grow from difficult times much more than we do from easy moments. Forgive yourself, move on, upgrade. I can assure you that the grades I had pre 2007 are deplorable compared to the grades I have now from 2007 to present. The shame is that I still have to present all of those old grades with my transcript even though they don't reflect the student I am now. I have tried to find ways around it but I am at a loss. Those pre-2007 grades drag down my WGPA and it has been very difficult to climb back up. I had to climb from a 2.2 to my current 3.62 and it was not easy. I am also dismayed that U of Ottawa will not accept transcripts from students who don't have 3 full semesters/sessions of 5 classes, or 4 during fall/winter and the 5th during the following summer. I find this discriminatory against mature or part time students who had to work while attending classes. I had to pay for my education, my house, my car...yadda yadda...so being a full time student was not possible. I only managed two full time sessions. So you see, there are issues that are problematic for some but not for others, so all you can do is press forward and keep trying. Looking back will not help you. I implore you not to give up. I've waited 2 decades to apply for med school after 4 other careers and believe me, when you know this is truly what you want, nothing will stop you.
  7. Meme227, I'm currently a social work counselor who works with individuals who experience high stress and caregiver burnout (often in the medical field and including students) and can tell you that what you and many others in this thread are experiencing is real and can be overwhelming. Your physiological symptoms are stemming from your psychological state. Have you heard of allostatic dysregulation? For those of you who haven't, it's when our bodies are taxed beyond their current ability. Our brains HPA Axis malfunctions and a cascade of issues can or do happen downstream if we are not careful. Allostasis is akin to homeostasis but refers to your stress response and ability to cope. The key to keeping stress down is making sure you take necessary breaks from studying. You need to fulfill other interests that might be alluding you presently. Do the things you love! Learn to say 'NO' to things that will only add to your stress. It is likely that many of you feel that losing one hour of study time will hurt your grade but getting one hour of exercise or doing some mindfulness/meditation/visualization will help you immensely. Checking out of your 'med-head' for that hour will allow you to reset and ease up on yourself. Commit to remaining healthy and well, set a timer to remind you to snack throughout your study time etc. and socialize. If you experience anxiety, the above mentioned stress-reducing techniques will help calm things. Getting six hours sleep minimum is also very important because it is during sleep that our bodies repair the damage we do to them by eating badly and working them too hard. If you are REALLY stressed out and feeling unwell...go see someone. It's okay to feel some ups and downs. It's not okay to deal with it alone and to let it continue. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness..it's a show of courage. Besides...how can you care for others if you can't learn to care for yourselves? We need to be healthy and happy to do well in medicine. Hope this helps.. All the best in 2013.
  8. I think academic and experiential diversity in the medical profession is important. I am older than most on vBulletin and have multiple undergrad degrees plus a master of social work with tonnes of EC. I too am considering medical school. My WGPA isn't stellar (3.8 during my graduate degree) and my undergrad transcript is all over the map because of working and not being able to take enough courses during one session to count in the calculations. Grad school isn't counted and an undergrad transcript like mine puts me out of the running for schools like uOttawa because they want to see 3, 5 full credit years at the undergrad level. That being said, I am still going to try other schools of medicine and see what happens. I think the medical community could use more bedside manner which is often why so many social workers are relied upon in hospitals. I love medical social work but I love medicine even more.
  9. This could bode well for mature students like myself who had to work throughout university and take fewer classes per session. I think this may come in handy for me. Thanks for doing the research and passing the information along.
  10. Why not try? Like you've just read, something good will come of it no matter what.
  11. I have not had the benefit of seeing last years OMSAS. Does anyone have the questions for the autobiographical sketch from 2012 for me to see in comparison? I'm curious about the changes made as well. Thanks.
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