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  1. Hi all, I have a question about UofT's GPA calculation. I am not talking about wGPA at all as it does not apply in my situation (already read a ton of posts on those too, seems most people will qualify for wGPA). The UofT site says "OMSAS grading system used to calculate GPA with your grades from all undergraduate courses completed on a full-time basis" and "part-time+summer courses are not included". But if i recall correctly, the OMSAS GPA shown on your application does take into account ALL courses ever taken. This reads to me that cGPA from OMSAS application and cGPA for UofT are not the same thing... So my question becomes...what does UofT consider to be "full-time" then? Thanks for your help! really hope I can apply...
  2. Thanks for the reply! That would be awesome if they do count it. I will definitely clarify next cycle when I apply.
  3. do u know if you have 2 double weight courses, where 1 is % grade while the other is p/f, it'd still count as "full-time study"? I'm also in nursing and as u know, clinicals are always p/f....
  4. which school is this for if you don't mind sharing? thanks!
  5. Definitely still a tough year. Despite the leftover spots I know of someone who did not match to radiology and did not back up. He/she's now unmatched.
  6. Just to clarify, are you referring to the "Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior" section? I thought the "Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills" (CARS) sounds more like the 2015-version of VR? which is it?
  7. Why is it that some school such as U of T/waterloo uses both 3 and 7 scale? Could someone explain that? http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/omsas/c_omsas_b.pdf
  8. This is probably a long shot. I saw that there are nursing background students/RNs on the statistics here http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/documents/Classof2015.pdf And I would love to hear some personal stories if these individuals are browsing the site. Or if anyone is aware of nurses who got accepted into Mac. Were you nursing students or RNs when you applied? Did you only do VR or did you do the whole MCAT? How many cycles did it take you to get in? etc. Thanks a bunch!
  9. may i ask in the case where there're so many repetitive responses, how do you grade them? do you just give all the mediocre repetitive expected type of responses the same marks? or is there variations in those marks too? just curious
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