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  1. Fair. I mean, I personally wouldn't risk it, but based on seeing similar (although not as significant) violations kind of get skirted under the rug, I'm not entirely convinced... again, wouldn't really want to find out for myself though.
  2. Do you really think they'd revoke your MD because of that? I feel like they're pretty invested in you once a few months go by, to the point where it takes some pretty serious issue to threaten your success. You would hide it because many schools require you to be finished before they let you in, and many will not allow you to defer admission using grad school as a reason.
  3. Was just having a conversation with my roommate about the rules surrounding applying to med school during graduate programs and how many schools require you to defend prior to matriculation. More of a fun hypothetical, but has anyone ever considered simply applying to med school without disclosing that you are currently pursuing a graduate degree? I mean sure there is a risk of OMSAS/the school somehow finding out that you weren't complete in your application... but I think odds are slim that they'd realize it.
  4. Phew. Squeezed in right there at the end of the easy streak.
  5. At first I got $5k/yr from Schulich, then halfway through the year they bumped me to $10k/yr. People don't really talk about this stuff so it's hard to tell what is average.
  6. Nope, mine was assessed for $7,100 on $14,400 of loans. Hope it's just a glitch.
  7. I'm sure if you were in such desperate financial need you could reach out to the LEW or Financial Aid office about working something out. I can't imagine it happens too often that someone has access to no loans / money at all. I guess maybe if you've got dependants and/or a ton of debt from previous education / bad investments? Seems really rare. I think people worry about finances as they relate to med school more than they should.
  8. Fairly certain it's based solely on financial need. If you don't get one, the banks have got you covered.
  9. The IT staff seem to know when it's important for things to be up right away, too. For instance if we have an exam on Monday they'll try to have Friday's lectures posted the same-day, even though the expectation is just to have it up within 48 business hours.
  10. I also did the Ikea spree. Shipping to London was pricey, but I think it was still easier than renting/borrowing a large vehicle and driving everything myself from Burlington. And I also got literally everything from there so my apartment was all furnished in the span of an afternoon (with the help of some family)! Pretty glad with the outcome.
  11. Yeah, it's really odd. I feel so accomplished when I'm in med sci / main campus... then I walk across the bridge to University Hospital and immediately feel like I'm on the bottom rung of the ladder. Although the nurses/other health professionals seem to give a lot of respect to med students, which is nice. Despite being in first year, the nursing staff was really quick to act on requests I made for an ER patient I was seeing.
  12. Only other downside I can think of is that they're HUGE on smaller people. I'm a tall guy so it's perfect, but some classmates who are ~5' looked pretty funny wearing them for the first couple weeks of class.
  13. You're part of the cult that is medicine, now. You have to wear it. There is no alternative.
  14. We'll usually have some sort of assessment every ~3-4 weeks (mid/end of block exam, OSCE). Same though, not really stressful, and definitely not competitive. Pass/fail is an amazing thing.
  15. Scholarship info didn't come until much later last year (well after classes had already begun, I got regrets on my Schulich Scholarship application 11/24/2014, granted I did get another lesser funding offer). Maybe they'll handle it differently this year, though.
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