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  1. I got accepted 2 days ago. My number was #16. Good luck everyone!
  2. I just called, the 10th person was offered the spot
  3. Waitlisted #16 3.97 IP 22AA + 23PAT Interview: I felt that it went horrible 4th year undergrad
  4. I called them today, they said to call next week to find out. Also the interviews are only worth 15% and there's no increase in class size if anyone's wondering.
  5. Does anyone know if we can phone and ask how we did on the interview?
  6. Is anyone aware of the new undergrad program; biomedical science introduced for year 2013 at Ryerson? Any recommendations?
  7. Does Psychology and Philosophy involve a lot of memorization? Are they good to be combined with a Biology major?
  8. Thank you very much, that link was very helpful. By the way, what do you think about mentoring?
  9. so if u did something interesting before 16..you can still put it right?
  10. I have several questions about ECs.. 1. Do the medical schools consider about the ECs you did in high school? Is there a specific time period they are looking at when they consider about ECs? 2. If you came to Canada in the middle of high school..do they consider about the ECs you did in another country? 3. How do you present your ECs in your application? You just mention them one by one? what kind of proof do you have to present? Thank you very much
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