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  1. Just a bit of information for everyone here. After talking to others on the forum and some third and fourth year clerks I ended up buying "Surgical Recall" and "Dr. Pestanas Surgery Notes: Top 180 Vignettes for the Surgical Wards." On amazon the combo of the two only set me back 100$. Sabiston's seemed a bit much and thanks for the info NLengr. I will definitely use it to supplement for my speciality of choice.
  2. Hey all, Looking to get my hands on the best (and potentially concise) surgical book for clerkship as its a field in which I am very interested in and want to be prepared. I've already looking into a few like Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes but am looking to get some recommendations. C.
  3. Yes I know some schools that do it that way. Either way, make sure you confirm with them that it is sent at the right time. Dal does not make any exceptions if something comes in late!
  4. Faculty of Medicine Applications – CANADA POST STRIKE - Transcript Submission Please note with the pending and possible Canada Post Strike it is the applicant’s personal responsibility to request official transcripts to be sent via couriered mail (i.e. Fedex, UPS, Purolator) in a timely manner to meet the August 15th, 2016 deadline. Transcripts must indicate an issue/print date no later than August 15th, 2016. Faxed copies of transcripts will not be accepted. Connor.
  5. Many, many things you say here are simply not true. Check your facts and also check your ability to be self-critical of your own school. Clearly you can be critical of other schools with limited information and false facts.
  6. Hey all, Currently a first year med at Dal and am looking at potentially writing the USMLE to keep my options open in the future. While I plan on studying for the test, I'm not sure if I'm going to actually write it. I just feel it would be helpful in terms of rounding out my knowledge. Has anyone done this in the past as a Canadian med student and did you find it helpful? What factors went into your choice whether to write or not? Thanks, C.
  7. Just a quick little comment on this post. In terms of getting summers off, with our RIM project we have the option of doing it the summer of first year, second year or simply during school until its done. However, you only get funding if you do it during the summer (I think?). Either way there are plenty of people taking both summers off and working on RIM during their own time. The nice thing is you are done when the prof/doc tells you that you're done. Anatomy wise... I would disagree. Knowledge of anatomy is essential to performing a good clinical exam so you should not forget anatomy by the time you enter clerkship. Either way, small point. I get what you're saying though. I really like what Mac does regarding burnout. That's new information to me.
  8. Very true. Our tuition is roughly 19k per year so you're looking at a yearly cost of anywhere between 40-50k.
  9. I chose Dal for a tonne of reasons but here are the big ones: 1. Halifax. Its a beautiful city with amazing nightlife and new restaurants popping up everywhere. There's lots to do and while it has a medium city population it feels like a small town in the South End. You run into people you know all the time at the Carleton campus because there are so many health professions around. Not to mention everything you need is within a 10 minute walk, there is no need for a car until clerkship. 2. Research. As someone with a big research background the opportunity to have a dedicated class (Research in Medicine, or RIM) as part of the curriculum was awesome. Not only is it cool to explore a new research area but it open a lot of doors for shadowing. For example, I'm doing my RIM research in cardiac surg and I've had a chance to meet almost every one of the cardiac surgeons in Halifax and shadow a number of them. Hopefully it will make us more competitive for CaRMS too... 3. 4-years. Before med 3 years sounds great but now Im thankful for 4 years. It takes time to figure out what you want to do and make yourself competitive for the match and that additional year is huge. Plus, summers "off" is nice. 4. The class. I got an incredibly good feeling being around the class of 2018 during interview weekend and it simply felt right to go to Dal. Everyone was extremely welcoming and the faculty listen to your concerns. Myself and a friend started a new surgical program for first years and we received funding and support from UGME without hesitation. They even allowed us to consider it an elective so it appears on your transcript. 5. My gut. My gut said Dal and it was right. Haven't looked back once. Any specific questions feel free to fire me a PM.
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