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  1. 30mins prior to the interview. But if you're interviewing after lunch, you may wanna come for lunch as there will be a presentation / Q&A session and some food. Good luck!
  2. Sorry I didn't mean any specific cons. I just had meant any cons associated with the military life (ie. possibility of deployment, being away from friends/family, training, etc.). They may not even be cons for some people.
  3. Wrote my DAT Nov 2017 and used DAT Bootcamp as one of my resources prepping at the time. I do recall reading a disclaimer/post somewhere indicating it is not identical to the cDAT. Regardless, the onus is on you to know what's on your exam by reading the outlines/guidelines on the CDA site.
  4. Good luck to all of those interviewing, we look forward to meeting you all on interview weekend.
  5. Just a side note, the pre-dental society at Western hosts a mock interview session sometime in March. I used that last year and it was helpful.
  6. Hey, I'm already in dental school. I don't have to be on these forums at all. I'm here to help those who need it, so unless you have useful comments, save us all the time and effort. The health care role I worked was pretty specific and so if I was to disclose my role, people would be able to identify who I am in person. As a healthcare professional in the real world, that is a concern.
  7. http://forums.premed101.com/topic/99397-uwo-schulich-dentistry-2018-acceptedrejectedwaitlist/?do=findComment&comment=1088185
  8. Don't stress it. The higher your DAT scores the better your odds are, but still doable with those scores. My scores were 18 AA (20 Bio, 16 Chem, 18 RC) and 19 PAT. Average was 88% and got in at Western. Not everyone can get in with the DAT scores I had, but it's still possible. Would I have rewritten had I not got in? Yes. No repercussions for rewriting your DAT with regards to Canadian dental schools. Your DAT is low relative to the average accepted applicant, so I would rewrite in February regardless and schools won't even see them for this cycle anyways. If your February score still isn't what you'd like, rewrite in November and improve on your time-management skills. These type of scenarios will always be present, whether now while you're applying or in the future in dental schools where you may have 13 midterm/final exams in an 18 day period, etc. It sucks but you adapt and overcome. Best of luck, feel free to message if you have any questions.
  9. No problem. It was very relaxed yet still professional. I personally felt like I was out for a coffee with a colleague during my interview. Just like most professional program interviews, they will likely ask those sort of things, but don't feel as if you have to prove yourself, just show them who you are. They want to know what makes you unique, not what makes you the superior robotic machine who can publish papers and volunteer til they're blue in the face. Practice interviews will help you get in the groove with easing into conversation and providing answers in an interesting way while being able to highlight why you did what you did, what you gained from it, and how it will change what you do going forward or how you can apply it to the world of dentistry (not just practically obviously). Let me know if you have any other questions as interview invites approach, I believe interviews came out on the first Thursday in March last year (March 1st). Good luck!
  10. This is not true. When admissions decides on how (or if) they will use PAT, it likely still won't be public knowledge based on their trends. However, hints can be interpreted when admission stats are posted. For the class of 2022, PAT may have been looked at by admissions for stats-purposes but was very likely not used to determine who gets in. I believe a classmate of mine had a 15 in PAT (as they did not intend to write that section). As for RC, it always had a cut-off -- fluctuating between 18-19.
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