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  1. Already came to terms with it. So surprised about this and very disheartened. It baffles me to see the other categories move so much yet the IP has not.
  2. Hi! Is anyone who was accepted to both McGill and French universitties choosing another school over McGill? Keeping my fingers crossed for the waitlist?
  3. Historic trends! Still baffled and deeply saddened by the lack of movement!
  4. Kind of was expecting the IP to move this week...so surprised that it has shown no movement despite the French schools having their results out?
  5. IP hasn't moved in almost two weeks. Starting to get nervous. Any thoughts?
  6. Does anyone know how much it moved the previous years?
  7. Hi! Does anyone know what the interview format is for the Western GPR program! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!
  8. I feel like since no one is reporting refusals. they might have sent the invites first and then the refusals after lunch. I dont want to be negative but this is isnt looking so good right now
  9. Has any refusals been given out? I have a bad feeling that "Ready for Review" might mean you are refused this time since most of the invites have been sent out!
  10. Hey! Just to clarify...my registration for DMD McGill will not be cancelled if I cannot give my final submission before September 2015? I definitely will be submitting my thesis but the final one might be during fall 2015.
  11. Ok good, since I am doing my Msc, and am already registered at McGill for Fall 2015, I am unable to accept my offer. I am currently getting that fixed! I was stressing thinking at I had to do it before Monday, but its good that the deadline is March 31st. Thank you so much!
  12. Thanks, do you know if there is a deadline to upload the agreement form? Also, when I received my call, I was way too overwhelmed to comprehend anything but do we only have one week to accept the offer?
  13. Is it normal that I am unable to accept the offer right now? And also, does anyone know where I can get the agreement form?
  14. I graduated in 2013 from my undegrad and am currently doing a masters (in my final year) IP
  15. I do not think so. once you upload it they see the document itself.... saying that..I actually renamed it with my Name, ID number and PS/CV for my own peace of mind.
  16. I think what can help is if you structure your response. Firstly start with an introduction about what the key issue is, this might seem like your stating the obvious at times, but it gives you a platform to start your arguments/suggestions. Also, at the end, try to summarize what you said, it helps things to come into place. But I don't think you need to speak for the full 8 minutes, if you end early, they may have prompts for you or questions.
  17. McGill CAPS does...but those are full. Maybe try MedCoach, they can practice MMIs with you or talk to the advisors at McGill CAPs, they can go over some practice MMIs
  18. I use my hands too, and I was told during a practice that it was a good thing (i don't know if it really is.) But don't worry about it!
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