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  1. Probably offered yes, because otherwise they would send us email I guess
  2. Which entrance bursary? McGill offers some on academic basis for students starting their first year of undergrad (BSc, Dent-P, etc.). IIRC the Faculty of Dentistry also offers some bursaries for students entering their first year of DMD (don't know if that includes Dent-P students...), so if you need info you should contact them, and not McGill's Scholarship and Financial Aid office. (P.-S. Let me know if you get any info on Dentistry Faculty scholarships )
  3. I know a friend who submitted supporting documents late by about 15 minutes (so Minerva registered it as received 1 day after the due date). Still got in, no sweat. But yes, as McGillMedAmbassadors say, please verify with the admission committee.
  4. As a dental student I'm appalled and even scared that I'll have these people as potential coworkers later... really a disgrace.
  5. There isn't any, but feel free to create one if you want people to share their stats!
  6. SAME OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY :D I'm still hesitating between Dent & Med, but if you choose to go to McGill, hope I'll see you in the FMD courses
  7. Apparently a bunch of refusals are out already but mine is still "Further Review Required"... anyone on the same boat as me?
  8. Looks like we'll have to wait an extra ~12 hours... at least that's better than waiting for an extra week / month
  9. Same here, "further review required"... ughhhhhh well At least it's supposed to be out somewhere today haha In the worst case I'll wait for an extra 10-15 minutes, then go to sleep and check later during the day
  10. That's what I thought too! Guess I'm gonna stay awake tonight till ~00:30 and check tomorrow evening if it's not out. But I hope it can be out in about 30 minutes Good luck to you and everyone else who applied, by the way! The odds are pretty good (75 offers for 200 interviewed applicants)... so may the odds be ever in your favor (someone actually said that during our interview... lol)
  11. I'm sure I heard midnight always thought that they meant 00:00, but someone just told me that they understood 23:59 instead... Looks like we'll have a few more hours of waiting ahead
  12. I remember that the admission committee said during the MMIs that the decisions will be released on May 16 at midnight. Do they mean May 16 00:00 or May 16 23:59 (thus May 17 00:00)? In other words, do we get our decisions in about 2 hours or in 1 day and 2 hours? The wait is killing me... :S
  13. Just saying... McGill Dent-P is for CEGEP students only, so we are all pre-UG and IP by definition oh, and McGill doesn't use the DAT anymore since a few years, although some students might have done it for other Quebec Dent-P programs. (and I don't think we have a GPA)
  14. Hey hey thank you! I'm pretty sure I'll choose McGill great school indeed! See you at frosh then
  15. The results are out on Minerva! I'm in!!! Soooo happy Anyone else?
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