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  1. If it's not up by 6 pm they should be obligated to reschedule, otherwise it would be massively unjust
  2. Same, I won't be waiting past 6 pm, have to go to work tonight.
  3. I'm really unclear about how to approach CASPer questions. Should you choose one solution to the ethical dilemma or should you explain the merits of more than one solution?
  4. Is it okay if non of my reference letters are from a prof? All 3 know me in a volunteering or employment capacity.
  5. Which schools look at multiple MCATs? There seems to be some conflicting info about this.
  6. thank you. which schools take the average score?
  7. Yes, exactly. Hoping to get some clarity around this
  8. Yes. But do they consider the scores of the previous MCATs written in any way?
  9. Do any canadian schools consider previous MCAT scores in any way? I know they say they look at the most recent or the best score, but if they see all previous scores, do they consider them at all? The reason I ask is because I'm not very prepared for my upcoming August MCAT but I would like to take it and have it scored as practice. But if it would impede my chances, then I won't have it scored. Apologies if this has already been asked, I couldn't find it when doing a forum search.
  10. Applied to almost every english Canadian med school but didn't get any interviews. GPA is 3.92, MCAT is good, good EC's. I was expecting to at least get interviews. I'm very confused. I don't know how to get any info about what went wrong since the med schools don't divulge that information. I don't know if I should even apply again, feeling pretty hopeless. Any advice or insights about what could have gone wrong is appreciated. Also, is this unusual?
  11. interesting, i didn't think of it that way. Would you say that this true for Family Medicine residencies as well or just the specialties? (ie. the competitiveness)
  12. Which med schools in Canada use pass/fail grades as opposed to percentages/letter grades? I personally think pass/fail is a better system. Everyone who has gotten into med school is already qualified, there's no need for further competition and stress.
  13. i'm just wondering in what period of time the mcat must be written before admissions? it used to be that we had to write the mcat within 3 years before applying for admission to med schools. mcat scores written prior to 3 years were expired. is this still true? thanks!
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