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  1. should i be focusing more on the textbook or just rely on the lecture notes? how do i handle the workload, or i rewrite the lecture notes after class or just make my own textbook notes / do practice problems confused, please help
  2. Hello all, Basically, I had a really tough first year due to problems with family, friends, and dealing with heartbreak. I was really depressed about life and just gave up on school. I didn't fail any courses though.. just did miserable in most of them. My first year average is around a 60, and that put me onto program probation for second year. I am now entering second year and I want to pursue med school but I feel like it's pointless since my first year was so bad. I am also planning on taking organic chemistry 1 and 2 during the year but I did really bad in first year chemistry & I'm just worried I'm going to fail and get kicked out of school. What do I do? Do I still have a chance ? And what do you recommend about the orgos? Should I just man up and take them during the year or wait and take in summer of second or third year. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I would really appreciate some advice.
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