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  1. No email OOP British Columbia No maritime connection GPA 4.0 MCAT 517 (129/126/131/131)
  2. Hey, so does one need 70% or higher in each prereq course? OR just 70% in the prerequisites courses they choose to use to satisfy the pre-req requirements. Also, is there any leeway? Im doing a second degree cause i just didnt care about school the first time through.. I can satisfy the following: Organic Chem I & II 96% & 100% Biochem I & II 92% & 96% Psychology I & II 100% & 98% But my biology courses were taken in my first degree.... AFTER I FAILED the first one Biol I 48% then 65% on round 2 Biol II 79% I have a Cell Bio Course (second year) without lab that i got 96% in, but im guessing they wont take that...? i may re-take biol 1 for the THIRD time in this summer if it makes me eligible. But that wont be worth it if they look at my first year chem marks. Will they assess first year chem if i satisfy the chem reqs with organic and biochem?
  3. does anyone read the reject stats and get totally demoralized? it’s like we’re expected to be superhuman individuals just to get a shot at being considered for medicine..
  4. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 0600 Interview Date: N/A wGPA: 3.93 Year: final year, second UG degree MCAT: 517 (129/126/131/131) ECs: registered nurse, worked at gym for a few years, worked as a student nurse, chemistry supplemental learning leader. no research experience.various volunteer experience. Geography: OOP im sad, i thought maybe i had a shot this year. maybe i need to re-write the mcat and fix my CARS
  5. WOW! I'm in the exact same position as you. My knowledge so far - Some Bio - Some Gen chem - No physics or ochem I really want to avoid taking to 2015 MCAT and I can't fit ochem or physics in my course load because of my nursing standard time table. I'm hunting for the best way to start prepping. The amount of material is overwhelming though and It's hard to decide where to start. So far i've been watching free lance teacher and learning about sn1 sn2 e1 e2 reactions and some stereochemistry n stuff. It seems straight forward, but I don't even know what I don't know. Anywho, let me know what you decide to do. Right now i'm considering the Princeton review for physics, EK1001 for VR, TBR for bio, and Freelance/EK/?? for ochem. SO MUCH INFO!!! Anywho else have tips for us? I can study, If i just know what I need to know.. I'll learn it.
  6. Yea tell me about it. I went into my last exam, pretty sure I knew more about the subject than the prof haha. It is a little nerve racking tho! I think i'll still apply to UBC for the heck of it.
  7. Well, for those people in my shoes without an account and want to know the answer. The lady at Queen's admissions office said it's ok. Now. to take the 2014 MCAT without courses in orgo and physics. Or to take orgo, physics, biochem, and sociology and do the 2015 MCAT. oh lord, this year is going to be horrible.
  8. Oh yeah, and the pass fail course is actually worth 6 credits i believe. Not that it matters.
  9. Hey so here is my confusion, I'm in nursing right now, and this semester involves 3 courses. 2 of those courses are for %. The other one involves a 3hr seminar and two days/week at the hospital, but it's pass/fail. I see Queen's has 2YGPA is based off of two most recent years of full study (3 courses/semester--as defined by them). It says Pass/Fail courses don't count though. Does that mean they don't count towards the credit requirement for a full course load? Or are they just stating the obvious--they don't count towards GPA. Really just wondering if my semester of 3 courses will satisfy the 2YGPA if one of those 3 courses is a pass/fail course.
  10. Pretty depressed. I'm sort of screwed. Most schools who do the weighted GPA calculations such as queens and ottawa require 5 courses/semester. I doubt I could do that in nursing. In year 2 now. So let's take a look at year 3 and 4 (credits) 3 credits = one 1 semester course. (%) = course has a percentage grade (PF) = course is a pass fail grade. Year 3 Semester 1 - (3) N317 (%) - (3) N313 (%) - (6) N314 (PF) Semester 2 - (3) N320 (%) - (6) N324 (PF) - (3) N321 (%) - (3) N322 (%) - (3) N425 (%) Year 4 Semester 1 - (3) 412 (%) - (6) 414 (PF) - (3) 422 (%) - (3) 421 (%) Semester 2 - Plan to spend my practicum in Africa.. - Just two nursing courses each pass fail and worth 6 credits each...
  11. Holy! Yea great encouragement. I've come back to say hi guys, and thanks. So, second year has started. I'm doing better than ever before. I always figured i've had ADD, but I never dealt with it. It runs in my family, but i figured it wasn't really too detrimental to my schooling. Well, I decided to go and talk to a physician. I've never studied more than a day in advance for an exam, so I knew it was unrealistic for me to every prep for the MCAT unless I got myself together. She diagnosed me pretty quick aha, I've been taking concerta each morning and my productivity has gone through the roof! along with my grades. They've jumped up a lot. I really wish I worked on this a long time ago.. Anyways. My main concern once again are my old grades. Pretty much an anchor tied around my feet while I attempt to thread water on the open ocean. I go to UBC--Okanagan (just another campus) and i'm a BC resident. But even if they removed my worst 30 credits i'd still be hooped for UBC med. I'm literally so dumb that in first year i forgot to unregister from chem and didn't notice until the final, I got a total of 34% in the course, so frustrating… Anyways, I can 99% guarantee I can get a 85%+ GPA in this year and the last 2 years of nursing. However, the program has SO many pass/fail courses. It's not like I can register in other courses either because NONE of them fit. I'm just getting my GPA and working on ECs right now. But hoping to determine a plan for the next few years to get me somewhere. I want to take my MCAT asap and get that hurdle out of the way. I don't have physics or orgo, but the material in examkrackers makes it look pretty straight forward. Going to see how far I get self taught. I would take those two prereqs if I could, except once again nursing gets in the way with it's summer practicums. Anyways, just wanted to say hello and thank you for the positive words. Addressing my ADD has made a world of difference. My brother was treated for it from childhood, I should have dealt with it earlier..
  12. Hey so, here's the story in a nutshell. I was sent to UVic (immature/didnt want to go) out of high school. I would guess that my average (9 courses) is about 68% there for one year because i partied straight time. I then transferred to UBC Okanagan. I dabbled in courses for 2 years. At the beginning of the second year, I decided I wanted to get into the nursing program, so i put some effort in and got a 81% average which got me in. I just completed year 1 of nursing with probably about an 84% My combined average at UBCO is only 73%. I still have 3 more years in nursing to go, and i'm planning to take the pre medical science courses and study for the mcat. With such a crappy history (I know, it's inexcusable) can i still get into any canadian med schools if i kill it in my next three years of nursing + premed courses + mcat? Is that unrealistic? I saw that Queens has a 2YGPA they calculate. Is this significant? Is there any school that would consider me if i have a great last 90 credits on my transcript? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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