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  1. This is a well known statistic. Here's a secondary source, but this number is widely quoted within the profession http://news.nationalpost.com/health/untrained-and-unemployed-medical-schools-churning-out-doctors-who-cant-find-residencies-and-full-time-positions "A “whopping” 178 fully trained orthopedic surgeons in Canada are currently unemployed, says the Canadian Orthopedic Association"
  2. To the OP -- Let's be clear, the ortho job market is terrible. 180+ unemployed orthopods in Canada and it will go up in July. If jobs ever beome available, be ready to compete against all these people. I am aware of a job that opened up recently in the middle of nowhere, and there were more than 50 applicants for it. This was not even an appealing position. My advice is to forgo this specialty. You can spin it in any way you like, but an orthopod should be operating. If you are not operating, then you are essentially unemployed from your profession. What about sports med? Do family What about private work? Do family/physiatry What about non-surgical ortho? you can try, but not sure where you will get your referrals from The USA is a good backup--but California, New York, or anywhere else appealing is probably just as competitive as the Canadian market.
  3. Given the current employment situation, clearly not enough analysis and long-term planning...
  4. My gut tells me you are okay on the research front. The adequacy of your publication record depends on the field (ie clinical vs basic research) with the implicit (though not explicit) understanding that basic publications are harder than clinical publications. Also, when weighing what to do, being well rounded is definitely important. But it has been my experience that med schools weigh researcher >> other extracurrics
  5. Providing care for one of the most neglected and poorly cared for populations (i.e. the elderly) is certainly a clinical experience. You don't have to be doing CPR or throwing a tube down someone's trachea or saving lives in the developing world to call something clinical. Geriatrics is a dynamic specialty requiring a holistic and psychosocial approach to patient care (as described by OP) and is undoubtedly very "clinical".
  6. Well...just to play devil's advocate.. and without referring to physician income in particular, 150-200K living in downtown vancouver might actually put a strain on your finances. Maybe in Saskatoon or Kitchener, ON, you might be considered well off.
  7. research matter because... people on the selection committee are almost entirely academic physicians.... they like to choose their own
  8. If it can happen in the states, it can happen here... http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/28/health/trainees-in-radiology-and-other-specialties-see-dream-jobs-disappearing.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 Telerads competition can come from within the country. Moreover, it can come from places like the states, where barriers to Canadian licensing aren't so stringent.
  9. I think the name "Typical Premed" speaks to the depth/accuracy/delusion of information being provided.
  10. Here is more recent stuff to confirm your thoughts, Slashsev "At the current expansion rate, graduates from U.S. medical and osteopathic schools alone will exceed the number of expected residencies by the end of the decade, the Association of American Medical Colleges predicts. Residency applicants from foreign schools are likely to be squeezed out, medical educators say, which could make it more difficult to fill the nation's growing needs in primary care, which includes internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics" http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324096404578356544137516914.html
  11. I disagree..medicine has done it too. the CPSO granted more practice licenses in its history this past year; and this was led by a record number of certifications for foreign medical graduates. These physicians were certified without even having to go through a Canadian residency program. No one is immune.
  12. a little bird told me these are spots the schools never intended (and do not intend) to fill.
  13. wow, i didn't realize this was happening. thanks for that. article below: http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1475200
  14. the other option would be to take real courses....and not worry about this stuff.
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