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  1. Has anyone gone through the MD/PhD interview process at Mac? What was it like? I've been through the MMI MD interviews before, but don't know what to expect for the MD/PhD ones that are coming up in a month or so.
  2. Also, is it just me, or is the casper clock off by 5 minutes? 5:10 isn't 14 minutes away...
  3. Are they going to keep pushing it back again and again?
  4. And if you're scheduled to write at 4 pm (now 5) but can't please reschedule for later OR contact us tomorrow?? So I can just choose to not write today and contact them tomorrow?
  5. I just popped down to the Mac Admissions office to ask about this. They told me that there are no accommodations for people not directly affected (e.g. your time is just pushed back), but if you experienced this particular technical issue, they will either mark you based on what you finished (if they think you finished "enough") or schedule a re-write date.
  6. Mine is supposed to start at 4, but now says that it will be starting in over an hour...
  7. 1. One key person you're missing is the patient themselves. 2. Confidentiality is part of autonomy. In patient-centered care the patient should have control over who knows what about their health. This is important to increase patient comfort in disclosing medically relevant information, which will impact their quality of care. 3. Without thinking too deeply about this one, my first thought is that the huge health inequalities that exist between SES levels cannot really be mediated by increasing equality in health care alone. The ethical considerations here that occur to me are first autonomy--this person is your patient so his needs are your first concern, but is he fully informed of his options?--, beneficience--is this what is best for him? how can quality of the surgery be ensured?--, and justice--where is this liver in India coming from? Is the donor acting without coercion? Why are they donating? Will going to India free up a limited resource for someone else on the transplant list in Canada?.
  8. Markers are "taught" to ignore spelling and grammar errors, so they theoretically should not affect your score. Not sure how true this ends up being.
  9. I was in a similar position, albeit with a much worse GPA (3.27). I finished and did my MSc and am now in a PhD program, and this will be my fourth time applying to med. In my opinion, if you think your GPA will be competitive after this year, the only real benefit in doing an MSc is if your reference letters aren't already stellar or if you are interested in the MSc for itself and not just to slightly improve your med application. If you think your GPA need to be improved, a second undergrad would also probably only take you 2 years (transfer credits from first undergrad can usually be used for up to half of the second undergrads credits), with summers off to work- maybe in a lab with a record of publishing a lot!
  10. I'm not a mac student, but I have lived or gone to school in KW for the past 8 years so I can speak to the city in terms of what matters to me. The Waterloo campus (actually in Kitchener) is right by UW's Pharmacy school, so I imagine there are some interprofessional opportunities. It is just on the edge of downtown Kitchener and kitty-corner from the Kaufman Lofts, where a fair number of Pharm/Med students live because of how close it is and the fact that these lofts are quite nice. It's also across the street from the Tannery, a building that houses a number of tech-startups including Google, though they're moving into a larger space close by, and Balzac's coffee. Both malls are far from the campus, and you're removed from the main UW campus so it's not your typical "university experience" I imagine. Whether it's a good, bad, or neutral thing to be separated from the undergrads is a matter of perspective! KW overall definitely doesn't have as much going on as some larger cities, but there are more local events than you might expect if you look for them. It's definitely a city that is easier to get around in a car, and parking is free almost everywhere. You'll probably need one to get to clinical rotations later anyways? I'm guessing on that point. If you want to get around without a car, the campus is right on a few of the main bus routes. You also have the Kitchener Farmer's Market not far away! Most people are more likely to know about the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market, which I do prefer in the summer because it has much more outdoor space, but the Kitchener one is the better one in the winter.
  11. I am currently faced with this decision and would appreciate any opinions from people who made a similar one or are on one of the possible paths. About me: - cGPA 3.27 (upward trend throughout 4 years) - MCAT 35 (11 Bio, 14 VR, 10 Phys) - this is the last year I can use this MCAT (wrote in 2011), so I would need to rewrite for applications for 2017 and on - completed MSc in Microbiology in 2014 - I was accepted to a few medical schools in Ireland, but decided to try to Canada again and also can't really afford it (50000 euros a year) - Have applied to med at Mac 3 times already: - 1st time waitlisted for interview, got interview, rejected - 2nd time got interview, waitlisted for acceptance, not accepted - 3rd time didn't get an interview (this past cycle) Medical school is where I want to get, but I realize this isn't guaranteed, or even likely, to happen for me. I also have a lot of teaching experience, and I love teaching university students. I would love to be a prof for a med school, and ideally would incorporate clinical practice as well, but if that's not going to happen, I can teach at a university level without getting into med school. I feel like this is where I decide where my life is going. So for the options. PhD: - like the lab, people, prof, and research I would be doing - I am already accepted - I have a source of income - The risk for this option comes afterward, as having a PhD is no guarantee of getting a university teaching position (I think the stats are 15% of biology PhDs get a tenure track position within 6 years of graduating) 2nd UG: - I would be going back just to improve my GPA, and while I think I would be able to achieve the GPA I need this is not certain - even if I do get the GPA I need, that does not mean I will get into med school - If I don't get into med school, a BA is Psych isn't going to be much use to me - I have to pay tuition and don't get paid to go - I would have my summer off to work and study for the MCAT again So tl;dr both paths could end up being of little use to me towards a career, the PhD is more likely to lead somewhere, but less likely to lead to medical school Any advice you have I would love to hear!
  12. For McMaster invitation send out dates it just says early April and that it will be after they finalize the interview date.
  13. They're removing the graduate bonus next cycle? Well, here's hoping it didn't help me get an interview last year!
  14. The thing is if you're the smartest, best test-taking in the world, and you weren't working on a time limit, you can almost certainly do fairly well on these MCAT sections with minimal knowledge. Every bit of knowledge you have makes the section easier (though even if you knew everything that wouldn't guarantee 100% of the questions). By analogy, I'd say if doesn't take any knowledge about the surface area of a coke bottle, just calculus, but it's way faster and easier if you already know the surface area.
  15. Hey- I'm a prep101 instructor. We are definitely using EK books this year!
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