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  1. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your input & encouragement! I don't think I want to go to grad school, so hopefully I won't have to lol. I will definitely apply to all Canadian med schools next year & I hope I'll at least make it in somewhere. I'm feeling pretty decent about my extracurriculars, research and MCAT - just the GPA is a little low. & yeah, I watched U of T's video for applicants last year (someone posted it here) & it seems that LORs do get a lot of weight. I hope my sincerity shines through in my application, though, because I think that's my main selling point & I know my reference letters will support that.
  2. lol thanks guys, I know you're right... but honestly, I'm so frustrated because I know I could have done a lot better last year. Would it be a waste to explain my concussion? It took a huge toll on my marks. :/ & yeah, I have always maintained that ANY Canadian med school is my dream school but then I learned that one of my greatest inspirations is an associate prof at U of T med & I can't get over how cool it would be to be taught by him. Quite silly, I know, but now I reeeeaaallly want to go to U of T. lol I feel like I'm asking for too much, though... I would be more than fortunate to go to any school.
  3. U of T is my dream school but my wGPA is probably going to be ~3.9. I had a concussion last year which really screwed up my marks because I didn't drop any courses, thinking I was ok. I feel kind of good about my MCAT, extracurriculars and research experience, but I'm really worried about my low GPA. Can I still hope for an interview at U of T? I guess I could use the academic explanations essay to explain about my concussion but how would I know if they accepted it, & how would my application be assessed based on this information? Has anyone gotten an interview/admission at U of T with a subpar GPA? The average accepted 3.96 is really discouraging for me.
  4. Thanks for the input! I'm kind of concerned about what I'm going to say about the experience because I haven't been in the lab... it's just been data and writing so far, as I mentioned. But I learned a lot about the field & it led me to pursue something else that I'm really excited about... so it's been a good experience overall! Also, I have the opportunity to present at an international conference later this year, but it's just an abstract presentation as 2nd author. Do you think this is worth it? Should I still go for it? (Just because it'll be expensive & I'll have to miss some school, so not sure)
  5. I've been involved in research since the end of 2014. So far I'm 2nd author on 2 posters (both presented at international conferences, but I didn't present) and 2nd author on an abstract. I'm trying to get a 2nd author publication for a paper. (How long does it take usually once you've finished writing? Any time estimate or range?) I'm worried that it won't be so impressive because it's not wet lab (I mostly do data & writing) & it's not 1st author or anything. What can I do to improve? Also, will it help if I present an abstract (2nd author) at an international conference? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Sorry, just a little confused. Western usually accepts the top 250 based on GPA and MCAT? The interview is just to check for red flags? That's so weird to me because I thought the top 250 would all be 4.0s....
  7. Interview is when they would look at my ECs, right? Prior to that ECs don't factor in? Also, do you know how much weight is placed on ECs for Schulich or Toronto?
  8. Is 3.9 actually strong? I'm so worried. For Schulich with SWOMEN, should I be ok?
  9. Thank you! I really hope 3.9 will cut it. 2nd year was awful for me. Since health reasons were involved, I guess I would be able to explain that in the "academic explanations" section but still :/ So scared. Yeah, I'm hoping SWOMEN will pay off! Moving back home for med school would actually be really nice
  10. ALSO sorry for the double post, but do you recommend doing a module in Med Sci where I'd have a research project? I chose IMS because I didn't want to do a research project as I think it would get too heavy, plus I have research experience outside of school. Apart from this, I've also heard that if it's part of your coursework, you shouldn't list it on OMSAS because it won't count. Is that true? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the encouragement! I really needed that. I'm so worried because the average accepted GPA at U of T this year was something crazy like 3.96. Would I even stand a chance there? I'm so worried.
  12. Hey everyone, I was just wondering about courses for year 3 BMSc. I want to do Honours Spec IMS. For that, I need 2.0 courses total from at least 2 of the BMSc modules (phys, path, pharm, ACB, biochem, etc.) Right now I'm taking Phys 3120 but not 3140 (3130Z filled up before my registration opened, so not taking that either). I will only have 5 phys courses to choose from in 4th year (I would only take max 3 anyways). I can also take ACB 4451F/G and 4461B. In pharm, I can take a few courses as well. These are the 3 areas I'm most interested in. Am I really limiting myself by not taking Phys 3140? I've heard it's really hard and I hated cell bio 2382 so I don't want to take 3140. Have any of you guys also taken 3120 without 3140? Or have you taken Path 3240 without 3245? Do profs in 4th year courses give special permission to enroll in these courses if they fill up or if you don't have the 3140 prereq? Also, any opinions on any of these courses? How fast do they fill up? How interesting and how difficult are they? - Path 3245B - ACB 3319 - Phys 4100 (same as Pharm 4100) - Phys 4200 - Phys 4700 - Phys 4710 - Phys 4730 - Pharm 4340 - Pharm 4360 - Pharm 4380 - Pharm 4540 Thank you!!
  13. Hey guys... so if I have around 3.9 wGPA for Western and around the same for U of T, is that competitive? Or even do I stand a chance? I'm SWOMEN, if that means anything. I had a high 3.8 in 1st year (did sooo bad in physics both semesters) & last year didn't do well because I sustained a concussion & it was just very messy. Also, if it's a medical reason involved in my bad marks, is that going to make any difference? I did great in 1st semester of 2nd year, but 2nd semester I was having PCS symptoms all the time and it was awful but I kept all of my courses. Didn't do as well as I'd have liked to in some of them. Please help! Anything helps!
  14. Take Micro 2500!! I took it last semester & it's my favourite course of undergrad so far. I agree snakes&planes' points completely. I've also heard good things about 3101 -- straightforward, interesting, but haven't taken it.
  15. Hi everyone I'm at UWO and I'm debating between IMS honours spec/Physiology honours spec or a double major in IMS and Physiology. I was initially set on the double major because I didn't want to do a research project since I already have research experience outside of school, but would it be easier/lighter workload in any way to do the Physiology honours spec than a double major in both? I also am a little bit concerned about the "common course policy" for the double major. I'm not entirely sure how that works. Right now I'm leaning more towards IMS honours spec, but I saw a chart of required courses for honours spec modules that indicated I have to complete a bunch of chemistry courses before graduation. I've never heard of this before, and it's a lot of 2nd year chem courses. Does anyone know how that works? I want to avoid chem as much as possible after orgo, lol.
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