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  1. I did this last year. Found the med students very helpful and informative. Worth the donation to charity.
  2. Contact admissions if you're worried. For what it's worth, I graduated from uOttawa with 138 credits (18 extra above the 120).
  3. I did extra course credits above and beyond my degree so that my last year was full time. I don't think they care to be honest, but never hurts to email and confirm.
  4. Executive-D

    Do people lie on CASPer?

    You could lie in many points along the process, cheating to get a better GPA, embellishing during your interview, etc. With experience, the interviewers are probably pretty good at detecting certain undesirable personality traits in candidates and sniffing out bullshit, but they are far from perfect. A relevant and interesting book about the corporate leadership world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snakes_in_Suits
  5. Executive-D


    You are absolutely right, Mac is unique in that their admissions process is so transparent for the pre-interview breakdown and selection formulae post-interview.
  6. Executive-D


    Regarding the breakdown, none of us know. If any medical students do know by serving on admissions then they are bound to secrecy and would never reveal this. Anyone else is just guessing. I personally believe ABS is scored and factored in pre-interview, but others believe it is now only Casper and GPA based on the wording on the website. Either way, put tons of effort into Casper and ABS for good measure.
  7. This was my method too and I think it makes sense to do it this way
  8. Email the contact at your school for the CGS-M awards and ask. I was able to get all the stats on my scholarships by emailing my school.
  9. Definitely apply. It will cost you a tiny bit of cash but you will gain experience with the real Casper and you might even get in!
  10. Executive-D


    Ya what @Eudaimonia said plus these people have applied to other schools and are copy pasting from one thread to the next.
  11. I would put it as two lol why not? There are so many people with research posters but way less people got awards for them! (Well done btw)
  12. Executive-D

    ABS Questions

    1. Anything that does not seem to fit in the other sections. Last year the “Other” section had no space to elaborate so was very limited in description. I put my certifications there, I’ve heard of some classmates who put interesting facts about themselves in “Other”. Don’t assume schools dont look at it, anything on the ABS is fair game 1.5. Judgment call, to be honest 2. Absolutely, you will not be penalized for separating them but try to show different skills/experiences if you do separate them. You might combine them if you are close to the entries limit but otherwise separate is fine 3. Yes, definitely include research in preparation 4. Sure, you also might combine it if you are running out of entries
  13. Executive-D

    Creating OMSAS Account

    You need to create an OMSAS account for sure. OMSAS accounts are only valid for one application year so each year you apply requires a new account.