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  1. Executive-D

    LOR Question

    None of my references were professors I took courses with. A few professors I've chatted with have told me that these kinds of reference letters (e.g. "so-and-so took my course, participated in class often, and got an A+") tend to be weak, unless you have worked with the professor beyond just having taken their course. It's not a bad idea to send your transcript to the professor you are doing research with. If they know you well, many professors/referees will be comfortable commenting on your academic achievements that they've seen on your transcripts even if they never taught you any of the courses. And yes, I would consider your prof an academic reference either way.
  2. Executive-D

    Change in # of sketch entries?

    This thread is a bit funny, it's almost like people here are low-key shaming those who have a lot of entries... it is not THAT crazy for certain applicants, especially mature applicants, to have 48 or perhaps more unique entries. And to the commenter above, I was referring to the ABS scores being skewed (which is undesirable from a psychometrics perspective) but I did not imply that everyone is getting perfect scores (a google image search for skewed distribution will show you what that looks like).
  3. Executive-D

    Canadian for Diversity

    Lol OP is admitted to uOttawa MD now, so safe to say this question is closed.
  4. Executive-D

    Change in # of sketch entries?

    According to a 2014 2011 study, at the time Ottawa's ABS was scored for each of the OMSAS categories: https://journals.lww.com/academicmedicine/Fulltext/2011/10001/Does_an_Emotional_Intelligence_Test_Correlate_With.10.aspx The big reasons I can see this new change occurring is 1. economics (less time reviewing applications, less cost to admin); 2. to correct a right-skew in ABS scores. Regarding #2, it's possible with 48 entries that schools have noticed too many applicants were getting perfect or near perfect ABS scores (like the 3.99 and 4.0 when it comes to GPA's). If the ABS scores are skewed, it becomes less useful as a measure of selecting applicants. So to correct the skew, they make the ABS harder to score highly on with less entries at the applicants' disposal. It would be interesting to see what motivated this change with OMSAS. There will likely be casualties of this change, specifically those who have significantly more than 32 entries and then they cut down and present an imperfect picture of themselves. As many have said, the ABS is a component of the application that requires much strategy and skill. I was thinking of what entries I would've cut or tried to combine (some were already combinations), and it would not have been an easy task!
  5. Executive-D

    Change in # of sketch entries?

    I like the removal of formal education (seemed redundant with sending transcripts) and I can see this benefitting medical schools (slightly less time per review with less potential entries to review). On one hand it also sends a positive message stressing quality over quantity. That being said, a number of applicants have just done so much high quality stuff and probably feel that they are not presenting themselves as a whole when they are forced to cut down significantly on entries. That’s how I would’ve felt, so I’m not convinced this benefits all applicants.
  6. Executive-D

    Change in # of sketch entries?

    hmm that's interesting... I just checked and I had 41 entries in my application, although 3 were "formal education" and 4 were "other" (which I used for certifications). If this limit was in place, I would have had some tough decisions for what to cut. Yikes.
  7. Executive-D

    Who Sees Which Marks?

    Yes, this is the case I believe for most schools, but not a bad idea to email each school to ask. What I could potentially see a fail on a college transcript doing is raising a flag for the admissions committee. That being said, OP try not to worry too much and start working on that "upward trend" that demonstrates you reacted to course failure with a determined effort to do better in your future courses. I took a "Trades" program in college and did pretty bad (3.0/4.0 GPA). In my interview, they were interested in how my college courses were part of my path to medicine, but did not question me on the bad marks!
  8. It is for this exact reason that I won’t need OMA travel insurance. The Passport Infinite has a lot of perks!
  9. Yes they do: https://www.omainsurance.com/Products/Pages/Travel-Insurance.aspx
  10. So true, I used to park in the market as there is some free parking there, while I was in undergrad... the long cold walk to main campus should not be underestimated!
  11. I will be commuting. My current debate is whether I buy a parking pass or just bus it and keep the car at home.
  12. Thanks @HappyAndHopeful and @m_jacob_45! This is exactly the information that I was looking to find out
  13. Question for uOttawa medical students. I remember learning there is typically one day per week in pre-clerkship where you have classes that run into late afternoon/early evening. Which day of the week is it for first year pre-clerkship and until what time approximately do classes run until? Or does it change every year and I’ll have to wait until the school sends us a schedule? Thanks!
  14. I had more debt than you and got the LOC without issue.
  15. Shit, well I’m convinced after reading that. Time to add on the disability insurance.