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  1. I actually did not know this and I'm very glad that I saw this thread.
  2. Even with 250K billing, minus over head and income tax, you are looking at 100-110K, meaning you'd be looking at 9-10K.
  3. could you elaborate on this? do you need a 2+1 to do those regional blocks etc? i know anesthesiologists and emerg physicians having pain clinics but they mostly do regional blocks or US guided blocks
  4. I do agree that only a fraction of IM residents seem content with their life during residency and thats because they truly loved what they were doing and they were happy doing those 80-100 hours weeks. Those who chose IM for the wrong reasons either switch out or live a miserable life during the residency hoping it does get better at the end. From my experience, 8 out of 10 IM residents I encountered were miserable and burnt out. Question for everyone; how does life in IM residency compare to Peds? Both similar in terms of length, CTU, ICU/NICU, and 1 in 4 call schedule.
  5. I must say that I have been learning a lot from you and have been finding your posts very insightful -thank you for being so honest and sharing your thoughts. Would you say that for residency as well or just for when you become a staff? How tolerable is living in a city you don't like or far from family for 3-4 years? This is an important conversation we all need to have with our selves.
  6. Any idea about how we can access such list?
  7. I think you'll be fine for the next year, but might become a bit difficult when you are in your 4th year and he is starting clerkship.
  8. can someone elaborate please? what does this entail?
  9. completely agree with this but then when I talk to my mentors, some of them say remember everything will become boring and mundane at one point and not earning enough money to pay for mortgage or kids loan etc. can also be stressful esp if ur working a high number of hours... to be honest with you I can totally see myself doing almost all the non-surgical specialties as I've enjoyed them all, now because of my family and situation, I prefer to choose something that is lifestyle friendly and well compensated.
  10. true... you guys are making a very fair point here what if I like money, not competitive for derm/plastics/ophtho, hate obgyn, scared of IM residency, and I enjoyed all my other rotations.. anesthesia??
  11. Reassuring because you can increase your billings by being more efficient + attracting a higher volume. Better than seeing 50 pts like FM and still making less than FM.
  12. Thanks dude! So basically they are low billing because they aren't seeing as many patients not that they are getting paid LESS per patient necessarily right? I want to make sure that I am understanding it correct that is all. So for e.g. it says Cardio consult $150, if <16 y/o $170. Peds cardiologist is billing $170 but for whatever reason they are not seeing the same volume, hence the low over all billing? This is very reassuring!
  13. completely agree, but would you say this is why pediatric subspecialties earn less money? Less volume as opposed to billings are less? One of my ped staff told me that "she gets paid less for the same thing she does compared to her internist friend" but I'm confused because I don't see billings differences Also when you check, under Cardiology consult - do peds vs internist cardiologist use the SAME billing? like 150-200$ whatever it is.
  14. Hey all, I had a quick question: I keep hearing that the pediatric subspecialties offer very poor compensation compared to their adult (IM subspecialties) counterparts, even less than general pediatrician. My question is why and how do I find out more about the subspecialty income. 1. Is the volume less? A pediatric cardiologist doesn't have as many patients 2. Billing codes offer less money? This is what my main question is. I have been told that you get paid less doing the same procedure in a kid, but when I look at the billing codes, I can't find any differences, sometimes it's even more like LP in peds vs adults. Can someone please clarify this? I can't find like endocrinology peds vs endocrinology adult OHIP codes or whatever. Thanks!
  15. Are you open to any family spot across the country? My understanding is that family is not competitive if you are applying broadly and people can match even with no electives, specially if you end up ranking them high. Also, family electives post-Carms can help as well. Why do 8 weeks of rad if you are planning on ranking family first? Are you talking about a hypothetical scenario where you might end up changing your mind mid-way through your elective cycle? It would be helpful if you expand and tell us more about your plan, and which pre and post carms electives you are planning on?
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