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  1. daleader

    Applying to Radiology Q!

    Are you open to any family spot across the country? My understanding is that family is not competitive if you are applying broadly and people can match even with no electives, specially if you end up ranking them high. Also, family electives post-Carms can help as well. Why do 8 weeks of rad if you are planning on ranking family first? Are you talking about a hypothetical scenario where you might end up changing your mind mid-way through your elective cycle? It would be helpful if you expand and tell us more about your plan, and which pre and post carms electives you are planning on?
  2. daleader

    too late to even consider derm?

    I'd rather go unmatched and do research + electives and apply to CaRMS next year (and back up). But if my chances are practically ZERO considering how late I am, then that's a different story. IM
  3. daleader

    too late to even consider derm?

    Thanks everyone! I guess I'm not sure what to do now. Since we are in the middle of selecting electives (already applied for the first 4 weeks), should I asap go back and apply to derm electives for the first 4 weeks and apply to as many as possible moving forward hoping to secure a few of them? (not sure how competitive they are to get)? Or reach out to home program, email a few staff, speak to a few residents, etc first before anything. Does anyone know any post or pre-carms research fellowships for derm?
  4. daleader

    too late to even consider derm?

    Anyone know any derm residents (or recent matched grads) here I can reach out to? Desperately need your opinion
  5. daleader

    too late to even consider derm?

    Thanks for your reply. I am still in third year and haven't done any electives (in the midst of selecting electives right now).
  6. I know that it is way too late in the game to be making these jumps but I have learned a lot about myself in clerkship and now realized that derm is most definitely my number 1 choice. I have 0 work done in derm. I have 5+ papers (none of which I am listed as the first author) and have decent research experience and CV but none related to derm. If I take a year off to do a research fellowship in derm, or do a 5th year for electives + research, do I even remotely have a chance? or this is just way too late to be even having this conversation I understand that my chances this year is practically zero, but wondering about chances after staying 1-2 years for research/electives in derm. I'm obv okay with matching anywhere in Canada and writing the USMLEs. appreciate all your help and insight
  7. that's why us clerks are getting sick. much appreciated though
  8. on peds rotation, been sick for 4 weeks. holyshit this is bad.
  9. at least 1 CTU letter can be very helpful but never heard of anyone getting red flagged for not getting one from your core.
  10. I totally agree with you which is why I personally think that we shouldn't be picking our specialties purely based on our interests. For me at least personally remuneration, length of training, life style are all very important factors. I've really enjoyed pediatric subspecialties but if I'm not going to be making a reasonable income or going to have a lot of difficulty finding a job, I'd rather do something else that I enjoy almost equally or perhaps slightly less but has a better future. Now I agree that things change a lot from years to years and nothing is guaranteed but I think its reasonable to be thinking about all the other factors and not just "choose what you think you like".
  11. daleader

    How much will I really make?

    many friends of mine are dentists or finishing up to be dentists in the next 1-2 years from what ive heard, first year you can make 120-150k if you work full-time 50 hours and willing to commute a little bit which is great imo good luck and congratulations! :
  12. job availability, location, income, length of training, lifestyle, passion difficult to have them all
  13. So to sum it up: - GIM - shorter, more options and variability, but less specialized - 300-400k (~150k after taxes/overhead?) - Endo, Rheum: longer training, less earning after overhead, but a better lifestyle - 300-400k (~150k after taxes/overhead?) - Cardio/GI: longer training, more earnings, but competitive to get into! - 450-550 (~250k after taxes/overhead?) This is after 8-10 years of training
  14. what about for smaller programs like ophtho? any difference between ophtho vs IM for example?
  15. Thanks, very helpful! Any thoughts on other IM subspecialties like rheum/endo in terms of (1) compensation (2) job outlook/availability?