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  1. depends on what you want to do in the future. if you want to apply for a post-doc position, or to apply for a grant to become a Principle Investigator in the future, only first authorships in high impact journals will matter. 2nd authorships in the big three (nature, science, cell) will also help.
  2. I really appreciate the response. If you don't mind me asking, where did you match to, and where did you find the 2016 carms stats. I can't seem to find it where on the internet.
  3. hi, this thread seemed to have been inactive for 2 years. Just wondering how competitive neurology is as a specialty and if things have changed. In terms of resident's life, remuneration as a neurologist. Which programmes across continue to have the best neurology program? Thanks, AN
  4. Depending on the context... but probably provides a measure of DNA replication/cell proliferation etc.
  5. Hi, A recent email sent by the faculty says that the education bursary will be increased to about $ 4.5k for first year students receiving governmental aid. I wonder if that applies to all students receiving ANY amount of OSAP.
  6. Hi, my understanding is that most services from the week of Aug 23 will be held at Tabaret Hall (ie: financial aids, student ID pickup) The U-Pass is a new bus pass for university students that is meant to reduce the cost of bus pass for students. Whereas previous students would pay in excess of $400 for a pass for two semester, the U-pass is included in the tuition (~$150/term) for all full time students, thus providing significant savings to students. Hope this helps
  7. Hi, first time posting... I was at the financial aid's office the other day to inquire about the "Education bursary". The guy told me that not everyone who gets osap is qualified for the education bursary, which according to the website, is 3500$. In fact, only a selected few who is in extreme financial needs will get it. Is the education bursary what is referred to as the "laptop bursary"? or is it actually the "Financial Aids bursary" that is referred to by many as the laptop bursary?
  8. Hi, I did coop at ottawa u and applied during my final year to ottawa U med. Same situation. Ottawa U didn't count my third year, which was my best year. You can either include or exclude those marks. It wouldn't really matter in your application as each school will calculate the marks of each application themselves. Goodluck, Andy
  9. Hi, I was wondering where you got the info that "the class was full email was sent at the end of June". I had a "bad waitlisted" friend that was offered acceptance last year in August.
  10. According to Nicole Racine, a "victory lap" with only bird courses in order to improve GPA will definitely count against you in your application.
  11. Hi, Would anyone want to phone in and ask who our interviewers are... like their backgrounds and stuff..
  12. By defintion, a young child does not have the capacity to make the correct decisions. Therefore, his/her surrogate must make it for them. As a physician, I would listen and understand the wishes of their parents and weigh it accordingly to my final decision. If the Jehova's witness child receive blood transfusion, the social and religious consequences will be significant. As a physician, therefore, I will provide all the information to the parents. Explaining the consequences of what they are about to do. I will persuade the parents to allow for blood transfusion, making sure no coercion occurs. If the parents still maintains that they want to let the child die, I will honour their wishes. If there are irreconcilable disagreements, this case may be taken to court. What do you think? Andy
  13. The abortion issue centralize on the issue on the issue of the rights of the woman and the moral status of the fetus. Arguments for abortion include the right to choose the fate of her body and the fundamental right to privacy. The fetus is seen as connected to her body. Arguments against destroying the fetus is the moral status of the fetus as a potential person, and therefore, has a positive right of life and the negative right to be left unharmed. In the spectrum of ovum to newborn, the more a personhood an entity has, the greater its moral status. At what point does life outweights privacy? Some say that fertilized eggs has the moral status of a full term fetus. Others say abortions are exceptable until birth. Pregnancy acquired through rape may be morally aborted. Another instance where abortion is morally justified is when the fetus contain fetal genetically diseases. The choice of abortion based on sex selection is morally unacceptable. The physician must follow his or her own moral conscience in supporting or rejecting abortion. If he favours abortion, he must act according to the standards of informed consent, discussing risks, consequences, benefits, alternatives, risks to those alternatives. Those physicians that rejects abortion must determine how far he or she will go to refer the patient elsewhere, and determine how much he or she allow his or her bias to affect counselling. Andy
  14. Hi, I'd be every much interested in any kind of mock interview. Andy
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