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  1. Are you talking about working as a medical office assistant/receptionist? If so, you just find a job ad and apply, hoping that they'll hire a premed student over someone with a diploma in medical office admin. They probably won't ask for your transcript, just a resume and cover letter. If your marks are fantastic it can't hurt to add that in a line under education. To be honest, your chances of finding part time work at a medical office as an undergrad student with (presumably?) no experience in the field are low unless you have connections. Your best bet is to apply to volunteer at a clinic and wait until a spot opens up and apply from within.
  2. If you told me, a non-rural, non-Northern Ontarian, right now that I could go to med school at NOSM if I promised to work in Northern Ontario for five years after graduating, I would shamelessly accept. Then five years pass and I'm most likely gone.
  3. You maybe don't want to hear this but it sounds like you're trying to tailor yourself to fit certain schools. You're only in second year and you're counting yourself out of schools because you won't have the extracurriculars? You have three years to fix that. You also have three years to fix your GPA. I don't have an answer to your questions as to which schools someone with those stats would be competitive at in Canada or the States, but the best advice I could give would be to try your hardest to bring your average up, and get involved with things you enjoy. If you can bring your average up a few percent and you do well on the MCAT, I don't see why you couldn't apply broadly.
  4. Yea, I guess that would be the best idea.. No sense going into a program without knowing what it can do for me.
  5. Thanks for the response! I definitely see your point about approaching this next year as if MD were never an option. Problem is, so far, I would really like to go into public health or epidemiology as my second option. I've missed the deadline to apply for most of (if not all) the longer-term programs with practicums (practici...?) so I'm not sure if I should "settle" for a one-year course based program that might not yield the best job prospects. But on the other hand, I don't want to just do nothing for another year. Aaand on the other hand, working for another year might not be the worst thing... And we've come back full circle.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I know this is a whole different can of worms, but I've never really given too much thought to USMD. Is 33 high enough to get my foot in the door of a respectable USMD school? And what do most Canadian matriculants of mid-tier USMD schools do after graduation?
  7. My stats: Finished undergrad with 3.91 GPA with a slight upwards trend, didn't take English or Orgo (so I'm limited to Ontario), 33S MCAT (10 VR), average/below average ECs (one 1st author pub that came after the application this year, lots of research experience, music, some volunteering and leadership). Applied everywhere in Ontario but was rejected everywhere except Toronto (still waiting, expecting rejection). I've been working in a medical centre doing admin work since I graduated and stupidly/cockily, I didn't apply to any graduate programs/NSERC/OGS so I believe I've limited my options considerably. Currently, I'm debating between entering a 1 year masters program (possibly in epidemiology), entering a longer-term masters program (which would mean I can't apply to med school this coming cycle), going back to undergrad to do orgo/English to satisfy US/OOP school requirements, or just working and asking my boss for more hours and responsibility in the clinic. I'm probably going to rewrite my MCAT this year because it expires soon anyway and I'm hoping for a better verbal score. Anyone have any ideas or advice? Possibly any good Masters programs that are still accepting applications for Sept 2014?
  8. Soo I know that there is debate about including papers which were submitted but not yet accepted to a journal. Regardless, I felt that my experience in research was important enough to me to include under the research portion of the ABS. Situation: I was led to believe (or misunderstood my PI) that the paper was submitted before the OMSAS deadline, so I wrote that it was submitted in September 2013. The problem is that my PI just sent me an email (after weeks of no correspondence - I thought everything was dandy) that she was still having issues and that she hopes that it will be submitted shortly. How should I approach this with OMSAS? PI was a referee for my application and she submitted the form long before the deadline, and we all assumed that the paper would be submitted in September, so I think that her letter will agree with my application regardless, but I don't want to mislead an adcom...
  9. I like music way too much to listen to it while studying. I will start singing or humming along with it instead of focusing. I also need pretty much complete quiet when I'm studying, so that is probably why, moreso than anything special about music.
  10. My first year psych class was pretty much identical to the one I took in high school...
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