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  1. I did speak to people and even one PD, and apparently my interviews went well... I did research during preclerck but didn't publish.
  2. Hello everyone, Basically applied plastics all the way, got interviews at my top 3 programs, ended up not matching. Any advice or thoughts on going for research vs. just letting go? Anyone went through the same experience? Thank you all
  3. Bonjour tout le monde ! Ce serait super si ceux qui refusent leur place en liste d'attente puissent nous dire quel était leur rang, question d'avoir une petite idée ! Merci
  4. How many people do you think are on that IP waitlist ?
  5. Heu... How do you know that the waitlist closes on the 25th ?...
  6. I'm 2 spots away of getting in... Don't want to lose hope do you think it could still happen ? Thank u
  7. Do you think that the IP list will still continue to move?
  8. 13 more to go... Come on guys !!! ????
  9. It's weird... They made a new waitlist after the 12th?
  10. I can't believe that the IP waitlist didn't move at all...
  11. Do you guys think that the waitlist ip could get to the 30s ?
  12. Wow... Well, not this year for me then ! Good luck guys
  13. Does anyone know how many IP uni students are in the waitlist? I emailed the adcom and they said that they can't disclose this info ? I mean... are we 30 or 50 or 100 ? lol
  14. God... This situation though !! Okay, so why do they say that the next offer will be made to #1 when they already offered some places?
  15. Do you know if they gave up all the "reserved" places?
  16. Are you guys IPs ? And did u do your interviews in Feb ?
  17. Still saying "name confirmed on waitlist" Congrats to you !!
  18. Do you guys know how many people are on the waitlist (based on previous years/trends). And how many usually get in after being waitlisted (IP category) ?? Thank you !
  19. Does it mean that they didn't fill all the available places with the people who were interviewed? Congrats to you !
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