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  1. I can access it with Microsoft Edge (yes, I'm that kinda guy) right now with no security prompts.
  2. Probably lies. Might have been true when they calculated pre-req gpa during prehistoric times. Decent scores. Great! Who cares. Great! I think you're just overthinking. One or two courses are not going to bomb your chances at medicine especially since you've proven you can handle the MCAT material. If it makes you feel better, retake the MCAT but I don't personally think it is worth it. I would not retake ochem either. You must understand that UBC no longer requires ochem as a pre-req, and as such there are many students incoming that have never taken ochem. It would be unfair to scrutinize those who took it and did poorly on it since it is not something they can apply to everyone. I got C- and C on my English classes and my first year Bio and chem classes were also B-/B...I also had a D in my transcript and somehow I got in with a 513 mcat and 85% agpa after a few decades of applying
  3. I know someone who bought a $50,000 Lexus with the LOC. If I didn't already have a sports car (Its a tuned/modified BRZ but its a legitimate sports car ok?), I'd probably do the same. I'm a car enthusiast who takes his car canyon carving at least once a week but its been almost everyday this summer. Cars are my life. But its kinda hard to justify two sports cars and I don't have the space and I feel guilty just thinking about it. The risk is pretty low and the interest rates are lower than most car loans anyways. Life is short, you never know when it will end and you only live once. Literally YOLO.
  4. are the funds from Scotia accessible immediately when you get the LOC or once you start classes?
  5. I've been so happy today. For the past five years of trying over and over to get into UBC with below average interviews, I kept telling myself If I ever get in, and the backpack color is yellow that year (My favorite color. Also the color of my car, and many clothing I own), then it is destiny. I was meant to get that year. This feels really symbolic. Yellow is the color of happiness.
  6. We're going to look like little bees on campus
  7. None of these things should matter. I had 4 courses per semester my entire degree except the final year. I had Ws, I had many random courses like archeology, geology, and Earth Science in a biochemistry degree. I even had a D at one point. It shouldn't matter. I had a AGPA of 85% and I ended up getting in despite all this. I've never felt like my GPA or my courses were a obstacle for me. The biggest hurdle was always the interview.
  8. It's likely completely out of their hands and must be a pain for them. It's probably health authorities and university's own rules, directives etc. that are preventing them from having more in person instructions. Given that OAS isn't even open yet, it must be quite a hectic time for them trying to figure this all out. I never thought in my life that if the day finally comes that I am attending medical school, it would be in front of my computer in my room. I'm grateful either way, but this is unexpected. Hopefully the winter semester will be in person. 2023s already had their winter AND summer AND fall semesters get screwed up and we may (hopefully) only have to endure one semester of this.
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