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  1. EDIT: To the best of my knowledge, yes, you are! congratulations ! But yes just double check with admissions to clarify the conditions, if any.
  2. That makes a lot of sense as 782 is the number stated on McGill website. Thank you for the clarification. That being said, OOP needs to be approximately top 10% (top 7% last year) for getting an interview.
  3. This year for Qc-Uni : 819 (McGill website) I believe some of these candidates were not eligible, hence the /782 you wrote. For that category 256 received an interview, so that is 33% (256/782). Knowing that the pre-interview score is : 70% academic and 30% non-academic, my opinion is that you have a fairly good chance of getting an interview. Best of luck !
  4. First of all, apologies for you family issues. I am genuinely sorry to read about that. I hope it is better by now ? Here is what I think (personal opinion). First of all, wait for the answers. After that, your situation is unique to you. We are all human beings and unfortunately so many events happen in someone's life. If you made it that far to the interview and you're getting a positive answer on May 14th, it means they want you. After that, you can sit/have a talk with them to explain your situation. If I were on the committee and a situation like yours would happen, I would take it into account. Yes they want high-achiever students, but I truly believe they are looking for humans seeking to help other humans. I am always very optimistic as solutions always exist. For now, let's hope for the best for your family and focus on getting good marks as you've gotten in the past years. Best of luck and keep us updated
  5. Yes, I know 2 candidates that will do so. Best of luck for those wishing to get in. And remember, if this is what you really want, don't ever give up!
  6. CRU : 31.28 bac complété Rang LA : 3 ecq qqn sait à partir de qd la LA bouge ? pcq j'ai vu sur le forum qu'il y avait déjà 2-3 pers qui ont refusé leur offre.
  7. J'ai été accepté en physio mercredi (11 avril) à Sherbrooke. 4.218 en Sc biomédicales à l'UdeM, bac complété. Je vous laisse ma place. Bonne chance aux futurs physios et au plaisir de collaborer avec vous
  8. perfect, deal!!! congrats!!! you deserve it !!!
  9. Good morning Christopher and Nicole, Thank you for the dates and time for the mock interviews. For planning purposes, which of these time slots will be held in French ? Thanks and have great day Mr Trout
  10. Invite Time Stamp: 29/01/2018 - 5:47 PM Location: OOP Stream: French wGPA: 3.98 Current year: Masters ECs: volunteering+++, research (published papers), multiple jobs, various interests. Casper: I was very honest with all my answers. Good luck to all of you !
  11. Congrats! your determination is remarkable. You can be proud of yourself.
  12. TIME STAMP: 9:58am (time checked on Minerva) Result: Invite wGPA: 3.98 MCAT: - ECs: volunteering+++, research (published papers), multiple jobs, various interests. Year: 1st yr MSc IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No Good luck to all And remember, it's never over. It took me soooo long to get 1 interview last year, but it is possible when you have faith and you put your heart into what you do.
  13. Gtx155, sais-tu que McGill et Ottawa ne calculent pas le GPA de la meme facon ? Un A+ et un A pour McGill donnent 4.0 alors qu'ils donnent 4.0 et 3.9 respectivement pour Ottawa. Peut-etre si tu recalcules ton GPA de la sorte, tu vas avoir une bonne nouvelle avec probablement un GPA encore plus haut pour McGill ? - Mr Trout
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