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  1. Oh, phew! Good thing you clarified, cause I would have been wayyy off with that one...
  2. It's clearly a clue to some bizarre number game that's used to number and select successful applicants, no?
  3. Sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere... Is there a particular reason why it's May 14th this year instead of the 15th? Title*: Why May 14th?
  4. I'm confused as to which one of the links this data came from. I know you stated the Queen's stats came from another source, but I can't seem to find which pdf file from your link contains that data. Pardon my ignorance... I'm studying while searching, so that's probably why I can't find it.
  5. I've got 6 courses to worry about, then I'll have to start preparing for the MCAT on the assumption of not getting in this year I also need to start losing all of the weight I put on thus far in my undergrad. I can't wait to start hitting the gym!
  6. That's a half empty/half full situation- don't be the pessimist lol! After doing a bit of lurking, I find it interesting that you got UofT and Queens invites but not Ottawa (at first). Is Ottawayour first choice?
  7. Lol, is it me or is everyone just confirming the same interpretation? Stay positive folks! And to add to Leon's point, my understanding is that bad waistlist=rejected.
  8. Lol sorry- I hope I didn't sound rude there. I was truly just curious! Thanks for the answer
  9. Are you suggesting that Ottawa doesn't take letters of recommendation into consideration? Please send a link if you don't mind .
  10. It's just great to know a second language in the first place, so I don't think it really matters. Maybe if it comes down to comparing two people... and hopefully they're looking for merit, not fluency in multiple languages haha Posalji mi poruku
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