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  1. chiynadoll

    Unclear MMI Instructions

    I'm assuming you're talking about this weekend.. I did the first weekend and felt like it was very clear exactly what I had to say or do. Its unfortnate if the questions were changed so much that the feel is different, but in my experience in previous years, Queens' questions were the most clear.
  2. chiynadoll

    Proof of Citizenship

    Eh, who knows. Previously they always released interview offers on the Friday of the week. I was so confident that it would be Friday so I didn't check my phone all day Tues/Wed after hearing nothing (no reject) on Monday.. and of course, then I couldn't get my ideal interview time slot because I was late to the game Wednesday night.. :/ It hurts the head and soul too much to keep anticipating news...
  3. TIME STAMP: 2:50PM PST March 19th, 2019 Interview Date: Apr 7, 2019 Result: Interview (MD) cGPA: 3.75 wGPA: 3.8-ish (I don't really know how to calculate, UBC does percentages and counts credits differently) MCAT: 522 (131/128/132/131, after many retests...) ECs: PM me, or dig through my old posts. Variety of things, some long term but mostly entry-level service-industry jobs, some random gigs, and basic level clinical research work. 2 abstracts, 1 undergrad thesis, no pubs otherwise. Some sports, but not competitive. Essays: tbh I wrote them the night before they were due. I absolutely hated writing the essays each year, it was like pulling teeth... I also have received rejects every year right around this time so I kinda went into essay writing thinking it was futile (I pretty much only did the rest of OMSAS because I was already applying for Queens) To anyone reading this - I do not recommend doing that. I did, however, relate each prompt to my personal story, life, experiences and lessons learned and perhaps this year's prompts allowed me to relate, and thus write, better. OOP, BSc 2017
  4. I just got mine at 2:50 PST. It might still be going... I have never received an invite from UofT before and historically received my rejects around week, hence the negativity in my previous posts. Was a pleasant surprise to receive the email. Will update with stats when I get to a computer.
  5. I'm not holding my breath....
  6. chiynadoll

    Preparing meals in med school

    Not in med school yet but currently busy with something 16 hours a day or so and live with someone whos MIA for even more hours a day, so I usually only have 30 min to make dinner and the next day's lunch. For easy meals, I highly recommend an instant pot if you're someone who at least has some knowledge of slow cooker recipes. I put frozen meat, some veggies and a bit of water into the pot, program it to start warming up/pressure cook 6-8ish hours later and stay on warm afterward. Because it's currently still cold af, and the thing is sealed tight when closed, the meat takes most of the 6 hours to defrost anyway. I then throw in some flavouring agents and dig in to some nice curry/stew/soup/etc. Great for the days where I just don't have time to defrost meat or need to eat asap after coming home. I also stock up on discount dumplings at T&T (or any kind of frozen foods that are easy to cook or re-heat, and are healthy-ish). 6 minutes on a pan and dinner is served. As for meal preps, typically I just buy whatever is on sale at the grocery store and then try to come up with a plan for the week and arrange my groceries so I can just grab and cook, but I do have a few staples that are just very versatile: Chicken breasts can get very cheap at Save-Ons about once or twice a month (if you live near one) for about $20/3kgs, around 15-20 pieces or so. Lasts a good 2-3 weeks. Learn a few go-to chicken recipes and you'll always have some form of lean protein (ie. teriyaki sauce is just 1 part soy sauce, 1 part sugar and whatever you want to add to give it some spice). I freeze them individually so I can defrost 1-2 at a time the night before. It gets difficult sometimes getting in fresh fruits and veggies unless you're the salad type (which I am definitely not) but salads are certainly quick and easy if you're into it. Otherwise 2 min-blanched broccoli, cauliflower, onions, carrots, and celery make for a quick "steamed mixed vegetables" side. For carbs, I do cheat and buy instant mashed potatoes, but rice (if you have a rice cooker) is easy and if you season the water, can change it up so it's not super boring all the time. HelloFresh and those meal kits are great to get you started in figuring out ingredient combos and what not, but once you learn a handful of go-to recipes, it's much cheaper to plan out meals yourself than to rely on their service. I find that a fully loaded meal (1-2 proteins, veggies, carbs and dessert) typically costs me about $5-6 dollars a person, less if its a simpler meal, and HelloFresh is minimum $10 or so?
  7. chiynadoll

    Should I rewrite my MCAT?

    UBC takes the best eligible exam, so it doesn't hurt to re-write. Heck, I did it 4 times Not sure how strong your ECs are, but your GPA is less competitive than ideal so its defos a good idea to apply broadly. A better score would allow you to be competitive for more schools out east.
  8. chiynadoll

    Coming to the end of 2nd year and no ECs?

    It's never really too late to start, as much as it's never too early. It's important to have long term ECs as much as it is to have meaningful (to you) ECs that you enjoy doing. Starting late does mean that it can take more work to get activities set up/organized and change up your schedule to fit them in but honestly, the average number of cycles it takes an applicant to get in is 3. Meaning on average, people get in a year or two after they finish their undergrad (not straight out of third-fourth year). Just keep that in mind, and not have too hard expectations on yourself (or blame it on starting ECs "too late")
  9. Just chiming in, between my application from 4th year UG and 5th, there was a 3 point drop and I added in additional research entries but no other extracurriculars. Between 5th and my first year out of UG, I had an 8 point increase. I added in all the extracurriculars I did, even if I thought they were pointless, and changed my writing style. This year I probably went up another 2 to make cutoffs. Writing style completely changed. I had 10 rewritten versions, edited by 6+ individuals who are all in medicine at different levels. IMO, writing style is worth much more than the activity itself. The difference in entries between my first attempt and my fourth is the 4 new jobs I've had (and joining a vball league) but no additional extracurriculars or entries.
  10. chiynadoll

    Going to Queen's as OOP

    I am, whats up?
  11. chiynadoll

    Referees still have not been contaced

    In the event anyone is still freaking out about this, I just received an email from adcom that one of my references did not respond to his email. My first reference was contacted back in late November... It is now February. I can only imagine how long an email from UofA was lost in this reference's email boxes. They gave me the opportunity to re-confirm his email and that they will try to get in touch with him again which is good. So if anyone happens to still be worried, they're still working on references right now.
  12. It is for the first weekend. Second weekend still open
  13. Random question, but it’s about the same price for a 2 queen bed room as it is for a one bed room. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in splitting a room before I book mine. (Just a bit broke from all the flights I’ve had to book this season)
  14. They sent out an email a few weeks back saying that they will not be updating the statuses for those until well after the deadline...