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  1. Time Stamp: January 10th, 11:31 am PST Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.77 (OMSAS) CARS: 128 Casper: Practiced a lot, but not enough to make up for both the lower GPA and CARS. Geography: OOP
  2. chiynadoll

    MD application and CASPer

    I wrote the CASPer in previous years and didn't see UofA in the list of schools that I could send it to. If it is the 3rd year then sorry, my mistake...
  3. Same. This would be my 4th reject from them though so I'm not holding my hopes up.
  4. chiynadoll

    MD application and CASPer

    This is the first year that they are asking for CASPer. 4 in each section max. 300 char max. (im pretty sure, but this is off the top of my head, but it was also months ago so I may be incorrect)
  5. chiynadoll

    Ask a question for the person below you.

    No. 1) I'd go crazy if I knew everything there is to know about anything. Particularly if the people around me don't because I'd feel like I need to correct them or fill in blanks. 2) I like to learn. if there's nothing left to learn then life gets boring. 3) I'm not very good at sports or anything requiring athletic ability, but its fun and I'd like to be able to continue. I don't think I'd be able to be as good or remotely close if I had to use adaptive equipment Tea or coffee?
  6. One year I had very random verifiers contacted the first round, then an email asking me to change my verifier for an activity to a more appropriate one (club president --> sponsor teacher of the hs club), then the next round of verifiers contacted were all employment/leadership positions. Might have been that a reviewer wanted to confirm specific entries.?
  7. Can you put it up on the vancouver mmi group?
  8. chiynadoll

    academic explanations essay

    As far as I know, they do not. Where/how were you planning on submitting this letter? It's not a part of their application.
  9. chiynadoll

    UBC med from Ontario?

    You can use your Ontario DL to drive in BC. However, if you get pulled by a cop for any reason, they will flag you and ask you to "update your address", which would mean getting a BC DL. If you have a full license though, its just an application, no additional tests. If you want to be a BC resident for the purpose of applying in-province to UBC, you'd need to be MSP eligible before the application deadline, so you have to move to BC the winter/spring before to have your MSP paperwork and care card ready to go. I've done this for a relative (the move, not med) and it took only 3 months, but you never know. You can't hold residencies in two provinces for health care though, so if you want to use OHIP in BC, you can (under whatever they allow for out of province care, if the HCP will bill to OHIP), but then you're not a BC resident for UBC's criteria.
  10. chiynadoll


    No worries! I totally know where you’re coming from! It’s just such a gray area, what is ok and what is not, when it comes to personal questions
  11. chiynadoll


    I guess this is one of those, depends on you, how you want to manoeuvre through your interview, and how genuine the "weakness" is. I actually do pull 100+ hour weeks often, and it has burnt me out more than I'd like to admit. It's something I am working on, and I have examples I could bring up/ in my CV to show the change over the years. But like I said, its my cop-out answer. Point is, explain a weakness, make sure its not a red flag, and demonstrate how you are working towards changing it.
  12. chiynadoll


    To answer your bump, my cop-out answer is to talk about a true weakness but disguise it as something that is "too good", and then hide it under how I am working to improve. ie. I can be a workaholic, am always happy to take on new projects and sometimes get stressed with my workload without realizing it. But after a few times of working 100+ hours/week where I really started to feel the burn-out, I've worked more on my time-management skills, prioritizing tasks, and also work-life balance. Here, you answered the question, but you're leaving the interviewer on a good note without obviously making it a "well its actually a strength too..."
  13. chiynadoll


    They just disguise the question in a slightly different format. eg "what would future you want to change about current you?"
  14. chiynadoll


    I agree with the above... I'd consider re-taking the MCAT. Are you in province? Or from a southwestern Ontario community? It seems that most schools have a cut-off of sorts that are at least 126. Considering this year's applications are already in, I wouldn't worry about it. Nothing you can change now other than MCAT prep?
  15. chiynadoll

    CASPer done...thoughts?

    So it seems that they recycle questions... I got a question this year that I got in a previous year (4th time now). As always, I ran out of time to correct grammar, or finish a sentence. I have 3-4 sentences that ended early li (like that.)