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  1. 1) Considering how much tuition and living expenses will be, you may receive less, but I don't think you'll be denied a loan. It doesn't hurt to apply, so just give it a try. You do need to declare your partner though, and their finances because you've already declared common-law. 2) Yes, you do. They look at how much "un-met need" StudentAid BC has quoted you, to decide how much to give you in bursaries. If you have no "un-met need" you don't qualify for bursaries. 3) No, you don't need to provide any proof, you can just quote how much you are/are not paying for rent, but you could always get audited - in which case, you could also just write a letter detailing the situation. sometimes you pay rent without a formal contract/agreement, or vice versa. 4) No, they don't need proof, but you can always get audited. You *are* expected to spend whatever money you have available before reaching for loans, so it would be wise to use up/take out of the bank, what you can before summer ends.
  2. chiynadoll

    Queens Waitlist 2019

    I got rejected and my Solus status still says pending so I think that doesn’t really matter this year (last year it changed right away)
  3. chiynadoll

    Waitlisted email process

    For the most part, they send them out in batches - especially earlier on. So I wouldn't expect to hear anything until May 27-28 which is the current deadline to accept offers. After that, most schools start sending out waitlist offers week by week (since deadlines are only 1 week after you receive the email) until they're down to only a handful of spots left, where they will contact the next person when the previous one rejects their offer.
  4. chiynadoll

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Sometimes by one day. Not this early. Just give yourself some room to breathe!
  5. chiynadoll

    Need an advice please

    Honestly, if the rest of your life can work around you being back at school, I say go for it. Medicine is a life-long career, being a few years older just means you're also a few years wiser. Yes, some of the other students in your class may be a whole 10 years younger than you, but they will also have much less life experience. The age I think is an asset.
  6. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: May 14th 6:13 AM PST wGPA: 3.8 MCAT: 522 ECs: See other posts or PM for details. Pretty pre-med average, but also some random entries. Used extraneous circumstances box. Brief Personal Essays: Wrote them the night before they were due because I've been rejected pre-interview from Toronto for 3 years now that I just didn't feel confident. 
Interview: Felt like I did well on 2, just ok on the other 2. Year: HBSc 2017.
  7. TBH I'm a bit sad too. I'm extremely grateful to have an offer this cycle, but I was really looking forward to at least the chance/opportunity to go to Queens. I love the campus and the atmosphere there over UBC by far. Maybe would have second thoughts on living in Kingston vs Vancouver, but I guess life made the decision for me!
  8. Result: Rejected Timestamp: 5:44amPST 2YRGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 522 ECs: See other posts. I’ve interviewed with Queens 3 cycles with the same ECs Geography: OOP (but they don’t have a distinction. Interview: I honestly thought I rocked this interview. This was the best one I’ve had at queens over the 3 years. Some of the questions were right up my alley in terms of interests or experience. I cornered an actor because I covered all bases and he couldn’t come back with a scenario I didn’t already answer. Panel felt good too, maybe not excellent as I had more sass than I should have, but again, I felt like I covered all my bases. Queens would’ve been my other/2nd choice after UBC. I got accepted at UBC so at least I don’t have to make that decision. Year: HBSc 2017
  9. Result: Waitlisted, but will accept another offer. (Posting for stats-ish) Geography: OOP GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 522 Degree: HBSc ECs: See other posts for details. IMO pretty pre-med average, but also random. Filled all entries, and the extraneous circumstances box. Interview: Bombed my first station by reading it backwards, felt pretty good about the others. Panel was iffy, I felt like I couldn't get my message across and that I left the interviewers confused at the end of it.
  10. It seems like an iPad is the choice for a lot of people on this forum. I’m considering getting a pro as well, since everything else I use is apple. How much storage did you get? If I’m spending over a grand, the extra hundred or two for more storage isn’t much but I also don’t realistically think I need 256 gb on a tablet. My MacBook Air only has 128 on it....
  11. Did not think I would ever post something good here... Honestly thought I had a better shot in Ontario than UBC. Rejected pre-interview from UBC for 3 cycles but interviewed elsewhere. This is my 4th cycle. To those who did not receive ideal news today, please don't give up! Timestamp: 11:56 PST Accepted VFMP (1st Choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 86.6% (Last year AQ 25) MCAT: 131/128/132/131 Year: BSc Hons 2017 ECs: Please see previous posts in the interview offers thread for further details or PM me. Clinical research coordinator for 3 years (2 abstracts, 2 papers in the works, all 2nd author), BBT barista for 4 years, cat shelter volunteer for a year, owned a restaurant for a short while, freelance makeup artist since 2012, various minimum wage part-time jobs, since 2009, recreational sports - nothing with achievements of sorts, was VP of a social club in undergrad... not a lot of volunteering tbh. I did fill out the extenuating circumstances box. PM for details or dig through old posts. Other than time spent at my CRC job over the last 4 cycles, nothing else changed in my ECs. I just wrote them differently. Was rejected pre-interview in 2015 with NAQ of 21, 2016 with 17, 2017 with 25, and finally probably just made it over the threshold this year with maybe a 27 or so. Geography: IP Interview: I absolutely bombed 1 station. It was my last one, the interviewer just didn't care anymore, and I focused on the wrong part of the question for too long. Probably did mediocre on 2-3 of them, particularly if I felt like I couldn't relate a personal story to it. Some of the stations were on topics I was already very passionate and had strong opinions on so I had an already thought out answers for. Some stations I just had facts to bring up. It was difficult to really showcase yourself at UBC compared to other schools but I guess that's the challenge. I'm happy to chat if anyone wants to know more. Just drop me a PM. Will also be looking to hire a replacement for my current job, so if clinical research in a hospital is something you're interested in, and you're in Vancouver, look out for a posting through UBC Careers (external) or PM me.
  12. chiynadoll

    May 14 Countdown

    Usually around 9am in the morning EST. You’ll get the schools emails before it shows on OMSAS.
  13. chiynadoll


    Seems like you did a lot for your ECs. The lower score may be due to how you wrote the ECs, rather than the content itself. Maybe reflect on your writing style and for next cycle, have others review it more/start early. As for co-op, I did it as a "back up plan", gave me an extra year to apply for medicine, but also gain job experience in the event I didn't get in to medicine. That was one of the smartest decisions I made since I'm still here, 3 years later, trying to get in. I'm currently working in the same institution I did my co-op in, since I have the experience and connections. But applying next cycle, you won't get to put any of your co-op experience on it since the deadline is June 1. You'd be planning for the cycle after if you want the experience/publications. Also keep in mind, co-op doesn't guarantee you any publications. Often times, labs will hire co-op students to do basic scut work. I got 2 abstracts and 1 paper that never got past reviews but I did 16 months straight and that was 3 years ago. Those projects didn't continue on afterward. Many of the co-op students I work with don't have opportunities to do enough/significant work to get above 3rd author
  14. I made this decision in September, gambled and booked flights to Japan right smack in the middle of interview season. Paid an extra 1k to change my flights by a day but still worth imo, as I would not have had the opportunity to go again in many years if I missed out on this one. If you find a good deal on flights, just book it. If you get in, in the long run, a 1-2k loss isn't the end of the world. You'll have financial assistance if money will be tight in the fall. You can also consider refundable tickets, where you'd only lose out on 2-500 instead of the whole ticket price, although that would mean spending more money outright if you didn't get in. But *knock on wood* if you would prefer to get in over not, or have no other school's invite *knock on wood*, missing out on the trip would be also very sad.