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  1. Hey, I remember you from the Queen's waitlist thread last year! So glad to see things have worked out this well for you!! I hope you get the news you are looking for in May this time around (and perhaps see you at Queen's )!
  2. Just to be clear, you won't lose IP status at Mac by moving, OP would simply be IP in both places.
  3. I would do July 21st so you have time to consolidate the stuff you learned from the prep course and to do practice tests.
  4. Not necessarily. And IP status in Ontario (if that's where OP is from) isn't worth anything.
  5. All you have to do at this point is score well on the MCAT and you're good to go. Spend your year however you would like. Regardless of what you choose, try to get a couple of hobbies, volunteer, work, research, etc. commitments in if you want to boost your EC's more. Another option would be to spend it doing something practical that could lead you to an alternate career path you would enjoy (PT, OT, MPH, etc.).
  6. It's not easy..but yes it's possible to achieve 4.0 in everything (as in it's been done before but you obviously have to work very, very hard).
  7. The only guarantees interview-wise with high enough stats (GPA and MCAT) are Western, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, provided all other application requirements are met.
  8. OMSAS = Ontario schools AMCAS = American schools Everything else has its own system (so google the medical school and find out the application process, dates, etc.)
  9. Prestige doesn't matter and high school grades don't matter. I had lower grades than you on average in Grade 11 but was accepted to medical school from my bachelor's. You can get into med school from any of those programs, you just have to work hard and stay disciplined. The difficulty of the science programs will be mostly consistent across universities - other factors such as commuting/residence, scholarships, work opportunities, distance from family, etc. will matter a lot more.
  10. Are you willing to do more years of undergrad? You'll need at least 2 more years of undergrad with a high GPA (at least >3.8 but really in your situation you want >3.9 as Fresh fry said). Since you said you had all A's in your 4th year, it's POSSIBLE if you get 1 more year of undergrad you might be good for Western and Queen's (check Western's course requirements though, they are very strict) but that all depends on your MCAT. What I would do in your situation is study full time for and write the MCAT. If your score is competitive at Western/Queen's, then do more years of full-time undergrad and aim >3.9. That's really the only way to get in with your situation, considering you are also an ON resident. McMaster and U of T are likely not viable options in your situation. All the best.
  11. It literally "comes down to CASPer" no matter what the stats or IP/OOP status is. The whole "chance me" thing for McMaster is honestly not useful at all. For anyone legitimately using this to decide whether or not to apply, just have a look at the official stats for the last few years and if you are remotely close to the mean, apply. There's nothing more that can be predicted beyond "you have a chance, it just depends on your CASPer!" It's also funny for me personally because I looked back through this thread and apparently I also asked the same question as a premed a couple of years ago. Can confirm it didn't do anything.
  12. From what I understand, it is also difficult to stay there and practice if you are not Australian. Also in this poster's situation where he/she has already got 3 interviews in the past cycle, there is no reason to accept an Australian offer with all of its additional stresses, risks, and costs. How is telling them that they have a really good chance in Canada being "less than supportive"?
  13. If you want to do research, it doesn't matter which undergraduate degree you do and it's hard to rank those in terms of "prestige". It will be very difficult to get employment with any of those degrees (most employment options will be low level lab work). What matters is the MSc/PhD that you do afterward, and that can be done after any of those degrees.
  14. From the OMSAS scales, 85-89 for both would become 3.9 and are not kept as 4.0
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