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  1. Hey everyone, I was looking for some advice on what my best options are, which schools to look into applying to (Canada and States chances) and whether it's worth it to take the MCAT. I want to go into med but I don't know what my chances look like. I'm currently doing an MPH at UofT and during my clinical rotations in the hospital I've realized I really have a passion for medicine and I think I'll regret not going into med (I always wanted to go into med but I never felt competitive enough). I'll be a Registered Dietitian (hence the clinical rotations) soon. My undergrad GPA is: 3.68 (1st year: 3.59, 2nd year: 3.35, 3rd year: 3.88 , 4th year: 3.88) Nutrition and Dietetics has a lot of subjective courses and that's what brought my GPA down and I had lots of borderline percentage grades that reflect poorly on the GPA scale. Any help is appreciated.
  2. StriveP Do you mind if I PM you asking some questions?
  3. I've taken physiology 2130 with Dr. Bell during the year last year, interesting course and easy to do well. Summer the final isn't cumulative but during the year it is. I suggest to take it during the year because the course load isn't difficult at all and it's easy to do well in so it'll bring up your GPA.
  4. medloverm

    New Uwo Rules

    I definitely don't agree with the grade cut off considering some universities have much lower averages in courses like orgo. A 70% cutoff is more realistic. Implementing the rule should be starting in 2018 application cycle so second year + students who have already taken the courses don't have to redo them (current first year students are notified of the rule prior to taking the courses). Also, I don't get the 0.5, a 74.5% gets rounded to a 75%.
  5. medloverm

    New Uwo Rules

    How would it work for a student at UWO who got between 70-74% in pre-requisite course since it is technically a B at UWO? Would the percent count or the letter grade on the UWO grading scale conversion?
  6. medloverm

    Geography Of Tourism 2144 At Western

    Look into taking Geo 2011 - Geo of Ontario and Great lakes. First midterm super easy so you'd need to ace it and then the second one is more difficult. A 90+ is definitely doable in the course!
  7. medloverm

    Any Advice?

    Small world. Oh yea, so many transfers and older students trying to become RDs. I'm in third year and kind of in panic mode because I feel so behind from everyone who has already figured out what they're doing. If I don't bomb the MCAT do I even have a chance to apply anywhere this year? I don't think a fifth year would make me competitive for Ottawa though if application year doesn't count then they'd look at 2nd, 3rd and 4rth. It's funny I actually do better in classes not related to our program even though I find our program content not hard I find the marking vague and exams just weird lol. All my lower marks are in my core courses and I usually do better in more difficult courses and electives in general. Definitely, easier to do better in upper years. Hence, the jump from a 3.35 to 3.91 in one year.
  8. medloverm

    Any Advice?

    ECs are pretty mediocre. Been exec on a club since second year when it started and now its the largest chapter in North America, volunteered/shadowed at doc's clinic, worked at nutraceutical and health care store, volunteered at panam games and volunteering in the lab with some research (doing that this summer too). Any suggestions what else I can get involved in? I won't be able to get in after graduation because I don't think I even meet minimum cutoffs for anywhere since my first two years aren't good and they won't count the application year's GPA. Planning on writing the MCAT end of July. No idea on how I'll do :s Planning on taking a prep course. Since I won't be competitive enough to apply this year I waited a little longer to write it so when I stay back its still valid for most places. Also, I have the whole summer to dedicate to it. I think a masters/internship is better plan B but a 5th year would be better for med school admissions. I just don't know even if a with year is enough though because that would only open up Queens (Western I could already apply in fourth year). Ottawa would still look at last three years and my second year is bad and UofT obviously don't have the 3.96 GPA.
  9. medloverm

    Any Advice?

    You're completely right! I know I should take the risk stay and try in Canada but hearing it from another person is more reassuring. I doubt I'll be able to get a 4.0 in fourth year somewhere around 3.95 is more doable for me. I think I've seen a lot of people stay back and wait and regret it later but never really considered no matter how much I stay back I'm still somewhat ahead in loan paying. Would you recommend a fifth year or masters/internship? Thank you
  10. medloverm

    Any Advice?

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice for my particular situation. I'm in third year and planning on taking the MCAT this summer. I realize my GPA is not competitive enough for Canadian med (especially since I won't be able to use the application cycle's GPA) and I've been looking into applying to the US this year. However, I don't know if I should apply for the USA without even trying the Canadian options or wait another year and apply to Canadian med. Obviously, US is huge financial difference but I just don't know if I even have a chance in Canadian med schools later. Should I just apply for US this year and not even risk waiting another year to apply for Canadian med? If I wait another year should I do a 5th year, masters or a dietetic internship (I'm in an accredited program to become an RD)? I really need some advice to figure out if I'm taking another year and applying to Ontario because I don't want to pay for a bunch of US pre-req courses this summer if I'm going to end up taking a fifth year (I can do the pre-reqs then). Also the courses will be time consuming while studying for the MCAT. Any overall advice is appreciated. GPA OMSAS | AMCAS 3.59 | 3.7 3.35 | 3.5 3.91 | 4.0 4th year hoping around a 3.9 on OMSAS and 4.0 AMCAS Extracurriculars: exec club positions, clinical doc shadowing/volunteering, community volunteering, PREB volunteering certificate from government of Ontario and minimum research lab work.
  11. medloverm

    Medical School Gpa Calculation

    Is Western the only medical school that does this?
  12. I was under the impression that the current application year GPA does not count towards the admission calculated GPA for all Ontario medical schools. However, I read this on the Western website: "The GPA minimums are reset each year. Applicants must meet or exceed this threshold in each of two undergraduate years of full-time study (one of which may be the current year)." To clarify you can submit your third and fourth year mark when applying in fourth year for the 2 year GPA calculation? Is anyone aware of any other medical school that considers fourth year marks in the GPA calculation when applying in fourth year? My 3rd year average is significantly higher than my first and second year and I anticipate my fourth year average to be as high as my third year. Ideally I'd like to submit my fourth year marks too without taking a gap year after undergrad.
  13. UWO requires highest two years. My average was 82 in first year, 79 in second and 89 in third year (so far). To even have a chance at dental school I need to be able to submit another year with high enough marks as my third year. I was wondering if I do well the rest of third year and in fourth year if I can submit my fourth year marks too or are fourth year marks too late for the application process to be accepted?
  14. medloverm

    Usa Gpa Calculation

    Thanks! But all the high 70s become 3.0? Since our scale says 70-79% is B? Hahahaha Go Stangs!
  15. Hi, So I go to UWO and I've been hearing from people pretty much an 80%+ average is 4.0 on the AMCAS scale. I'm not too sure how true this is. I was wondering how do you calculate from a UWO percentage system to USA AADSAS GPA scale? Anyone know? Is it true your GPA increases?