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  1. struggling2getin

    Weird EC's?

    I was waiting for someone to mention this so I could share my experiences with including gaming in my applications. I wrote about competitive gaming back in 2017 on my ABS for Ontario schools and had the guts to list them in my top 10 for Calgary (OOP). This year was the same with UBC and OMSAS. Got interviews at these places regardless. I dont think speaking of gaming is something that will necessarily harm your application- that being said it is somewhat risky, I can agree. If you have 29 items and need something to fill the space or if you played at a high level (I talked about being part of 95 percentile + of the player base/competitive) AND can give good written justifications/learning from the experience, then it might be worth adding.
  2. struggling2getin

    Proof of Citizenship

    I was following off the joke above me In any case, I got updated today for an upload date of Jan 23
  3. struggling2getin

    Proof of Citizenship

    Not updated.. Dont know what to think I thought the interview went ok overall but blanked out on a couple of stations. A bit too disappointed right now but will edit and post stats later
  4. struggling2getin

    Proof of Citizenship

    Upload date Jan 23, still unupdated.
  5. struggling2getin

    Post-Interview Feelings - First Weekend

    Anyone have problems with the stem and follow up timings? Im not sure if this is the first year they're doing this but afraid about getting cut off too much
  6. struggling2getin

    Conflicting Interview Times: What to Do?

    UofT is very flexible with dates, send them an email!
  7. struggling2getin

    UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    I don't usually post my stats anymore since they've basically remained the same from my posts 2 years ago. I'll make an exception in this time just because of how -relatively- little data usually gets contributed here. TIME STAMP: Feb 21 2019, 11:17 EST Interview Date: March 30 Result: Interview (MD) cGPA: 3.96 (by rounding) MCAT: Passed cutoffs ECs: Filled up all 32 items this year, but I've had an interview back when I had 21/48 items. Diverse and met each of UofT's clusters quite well. Essays: Spent at least 1.5 months on them, at least 400 hours. Was it overkill? To be honest, probably. I'm not a bad writer by any means, but when it comes to pieces with word limits, I believe in the importance of articulating each idea as succulently and artistically as possible. My grades did suffer but I wanted to write essays that could stand strong among a diverse audience of readers (which is to be reasonably expected of) and leave myself without regret. All of the topics strongly resonated with my experiences and I had a lot to share. If anything, future readers should find this observation helpful: having exchanged essay reviewing with some of my friends, I've come to realize that there isn't a single, uniform writing style that really makes the magic happen. Some of my friends briefly addressed the question within a single few sentences, then built their entire essays on how their experiences met the four clusters. Personally, I dedicated almost half my word count towards giving a thorough answer/solution before briefly sharing some personal experiences. We all got an interview. Year: Graduated UG Geography: OOP Two years ago, I did horribly on my interview. I knew my application wasn't strong: I had a weak reference, few extracurriculars and ultimately, couldn't hold up to applicants with an amazing wealth of experience behind them. I was invited during the final week and suspected that I had only marginally scraped into getting an interview. I convinced myself that the odds weren't in my favour and let myself fall. Last year I didn't take my essays as seriously enough and got rejected March 16th. Firstly, the topics just didn't click with my experiences. Secondly, seeing that I already had been previously been invited, I grew extremely over-confident and complacent in my writing. I got no interviews from any school during this year. Each interview is a privilege. Each year, med schools get more and more amazing applications, either from those who have come back strong after a previous rejection, or new talented applicants. Perhaps I'm just on this site too often, but getting accepted 4th year doesn't seem as common as it once was. In any case, I'm extremely grateful to have another chance of making things right.
  8. One station, in particular, left me very confused about what to do as soon as I walked through that door and I felt like crap just sitting there uncertain about what to do... overall probably underperformed in 3, feeling above average in 3 and pretty much baseline for the rest (hopefully).. Some of these questions definitely caught me very off guard.
  9. struggling2getin

    Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2019

    Yup and there are still some unbooked timeslots all on the first interview date as of now.
  10. struggling2getin

    Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2019

    I think references do matter a lot. This is my first year getting Queens (my GPA even fell) out of 3 cycles. I barely changed my ECs, but got 2 very strong reference letters this year (they showed me) and it made all the difference.
  11. Rejection is always hard and it's extremely annoying to be trapped in the cycle for so long without ever knowing where you'll be next year. The first year I applied, I had 2 interviews, then last year none. That was a huge breaking point for me and I came to realize there is so little certainty in applications (especially if you're looking only into Canadian schools) that if I kept making getting into med school such a central part of my life, I would be holding myself back from other possible careers. Realistically, many people who want to be doctors end up moving on and not everyone with stellar stats will get in. Is there anything else you could try to do for yourself? Perhaps considering rewriting the MCAT, or find a career in parallel (not necessarily a masters if you don't enjoy it) that you could still apply from? I entered another professional program this year (and to no one's surprise, there are many ex premeds here too) with a promise to myself that this would be my last cycle. It has provided me with many rich experiences and a sense of career certainty. Ironically, after really enjoying this field and feeling as though I could do thrive in it, I've been fortunate enough to have 2 interviews (from EC heavy schools that I've never interviewed at in the past) and maybe even a third coming. But optimizing my application took two months of work, including changing 2 of my referees.
  12. Don't take this as an attack or attempt to discredit you in any way but I'm curious- from the legal opinion you received, under what action will your case be founded upon? The closest thing I can imagine possible is a claim in torts, but even then there is a significant burden of proof you have to demonstrate on your losses and potentially that these schools were somewhat indebted to you, among possible other elements depending on the claim you're making. Also, generally speaking, regulatory bodies and institutions are awarded quite a lot of discretion for their industry.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not Queens looks at the current year GPA, and if so, what needs to be maintained? I'm in a different program with a unique grading policy this year and I'm afraid that despite having an interview, I'm going to be doing it only to be rejected to begin with.. Thanks!
  14. They do 100 people per day if I recall correctly (I've interviewed before) so the number of people invited for either early or late Feb is probably still below 200 right now since no March dates have been seen? Also statistically speaking most invites will come in late Feb and March I'd bet since the 3 last interview dates are more clustered.
  15. I'm in your interview group on FB and I've always been astounded by your persistence and dedication. Aside from making the group initially, you always upload all the questions for everyone else to view (I haven't personally gone yet since I've been busy with school) and seem to have great attendance records. I wish I could be as resilient as you, but I'm starting to become very jaded by this whole process and this is probably my last attempt. Thanks for sharing your story and looking forward to meeting you in practice sessions.