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  1. I can't read instructions. Im living proof that putting #4 on PG doesnt disqualify you
  2. I saw this post a lot earlier but couldnt find time to write sooner due to first year exams. This advice isnt specific to UBC as it helped me breach from rejection to interview broadly across all programs. 1) I organized all my activities into the Canmed roles and then sorted to see which quality I was lacking in and tried to get more experiences catered towards those areas. Ie I calculated how many of my activities were perceived as scholar, teamwork, etc and tried to balance them out 2) I rewrote my descriptions (see later) 3) I took a gap year and chose to volunteer at multiple places over the course of the year. By the end, I added 4 activities with substantial hour counts that helped with goal 1. If I've learned anything over the years, its that the process if highly competitive and variable. I had a blank year in 2018 where I went from 2 interviews to none, then 3 again after. Its also very difficult to mitigate some elements of subjectivity within the whole writing process. The best due diligence you can do for yourself is to repeatedly question yourself how what you've written will be perceived by a diversity of reviewers (I know this might sound theoretical). At one point, you'll hopefully find a format or writing style that is able to be positively received by -most- people and just go with that.
  3. Did this. Was never an issue at any school I applied to, be it UBC, OMSAS, or Alberta.
  4. In 2017 (48 items), I was able to get a UofT interview with around 23. This was also when they included academic history in the count (?)
  5. Feeling the same way. Compared to when I first applied in 2017, I've felt that essays have been progressively asking candidates about more challenging (and occasionally, arguably nuanced) experiences from their candidates.
  6. I missed stuff for my 2017 app in similar circumstances then added them in for 2019. It didnt seem to pose an issue.
  7. Ok I was going to be disappointed about the green instead of grey but it actually looks nice and not as dark as I was expecting with emerald green.
  8. Those ECs look good for Queens. I've seen the ABS of many other students while I was prepping for the Queens panel, and my observations were that none of us really had the traditional premed profile, but a baseline of clinically/medically related stuff with other interesting stuff on the side. As for "mentor/tutor/advocacy", these are always things you can choose to emphasize on in the activities listed. Founding a health tech conference? That could be advocacy since it can make students more aware of tech. Similarly, many leadership opportunities can also be mentorship and tutoring in their own light. Its up to you to arrange the qualities you want to show in each ABS entry. However, avoid going for very farfetched and unrealistic stretches. I'd say give Queens a shot!
  9. I think you definitely have a chance at landing an interview. Assuming the numbers stay the same as this cycle, your AQ will be in the ballpark of 30, and the minimum needed to get an interview was a total score of 51. Now, getting to 21 points in the NAQ is somewhat tricky if all you were to list was what you've written here. Perhaps look through the number of total entries you'll have to make and try to gauge how many you fill also. Its not necessarily all about the number of activities, but having more activities to write about can help to convince adcoms that you've demonstrated a greater variety of skills. There was once a very helpful post about how to write one's NAQ written back in like 2015 or 2016 December if I recall correctly that you could also use as reference. Naturally, you'd want to score as high as possible in NAQ otherwise you might be forced to rely on the post interview criteria (interviews, references, MCAT- arguably, a bigger black box) to get admitted. In any case, you should definitely give it a shot.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had their transcript progress updated recently. My transcripts were sent about 2 weeks ago (from UBC and Athabasca) and I haven't received any updates as of yet.
  11. Emerald green or grey would make my 2 years of getting rejected worth it.. actually maybe not since the 2017 one was real nice
  12. Just have one more question about FLEX! Would any of you know if it can be combined with paid research programs or awards that span the whole summer?
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