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  1. I'm in your interview group on FB and I've always been astounded by your persistence and dedication. Aside from making the group initially, you always upload all the questions for everyone else to view (I haven't personally gone yet since I've been busy with school) and seem to have great attendance records. I wish I could be as resilient as you, but I'm starting to become very jaded by this whole process and this is probably my last attempt. Thanks for sharing your story and looking forward to meeting you in practice sessions.
  2. struggling2getin

    Interview Invites date?

    Completely felt you last cycle. After two years of applying, I'm currently applying while doing another professional program. At some point it just didnt make sense for me that I was potentially shelving away so many years of my life without any movement in my career just to pursue medicine. I highly recommend it if it's something you're considering. The sense of security and confidence I have coming into this cycle is unlikely any I've previously had, I've learned valuable things within my interaction with clients, and I know at the end of the day if I get rejected I'd have put this year to good use rather blindly hoping for invites to a field I might never get into. The cons of course include that the subject matter isnt my favorite and I get burnt out quite fast (but I've still been performing well just by matter of diligence), cost and that the program might hit your GPA. And I'm far from the only one doing this- there are a lot of premeds still in first year Dent, pharm, law and etc who end up leaving their programs after firet year. I've had to wrestle with the fact that I'm taking up someone who could have dreamed of being in my place's spot the past year (I got into this earlier and could have gone immediately after graduating but I chose to give myself another shot at apps). Thankfully my program in particular is very oversaturated and there are many schools such that a person who had failed to get into mine will still have the credentials to get into most other ones in Canada. Additionally, any skills I learn from this field I plan on using in medicine as I was planning on doing a very specific specialty which relies on this profession to begin with. All the best with your upcoming decisions.
  3. struggling2getin

    How many med schools have you applied to?

    4; UBC (IP), Toronto, Mac, Queens. This is comparatively few since I'm an older applicant and would be on track to another great career path in case this doesn't work out (of course, med is still my first preference). I was a lot pickier about which schools to apply to this cycle based off my realistic interview chances at certain schools and preferences. Meanwhile, 2 years ago, I applied to 8 schools.
  4. Over the years, the company has gotten more transparent with their processes. I've heard the same thing, but after watching the webinar recently (https://takecasper.com/2018/09/casper-information-session-for-canadian-professional-health-sciences-applicants/) I can't seem to find any reference to this so I assume it isn't true, or at least was discontinued at one point? I would definitely love for it to be still in practice though!
  5. From your story, I'm not optimistic. I started a second degree as well and had email correspondence with them, I asked if it possible to be considered even in the case that I stop doing the degree part way or dropped /changed it asap and they weren't flexible.
  6. Piggy backing off the many other topics in this forum now, if anyone living on campus/commuting here wants to form a group sometime please let me know
  7. struggling2getin

    Early interview study group?

    I'm bogged down with school work right now but would love to join you all after October!
  8. 3.89 and 515- 127/128/131/129 considering a rewrite for Western alone. I had interviews this year but I realized that my pre interview scores are quite low for the schools I was given because of my lack of ECs (barely made the interview cutoff for Calgary). Western and Mac are my best shots realistically and next cycle I'm only applying to Mac Western and UofT after reflecting on other factors in my life. Any alternative opinions?
  9. struggling2getin

    Thoughts On The Nextstep 108 Passages?

    0.679245, 0.660377, 0.698113, 0.641509, 0.811321 Just dug up my scores for the 5 tests that I did do for NS. I ranged 128-130 on AAMC and ended up on the lower end of things in reality. Personally I think its really helpful to use material that keeps punching you in the gut.
  10. struggling2getin

    Mpi Prep

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a couple of people to form an MPI group. Let me know if you're interested.
  11. struggling2getin

    Uoft Interview Invites/regrets 2017

    Result: Invite Time Stamp: March 8th, 1:54 pm EST wGPA: 3.97 Year: 4th year UG MCAT: 515 (128 CARS, 131 B/B, 127 P/S, 129 C/P) EC's: Below Average to Average (IMO); with senior home volunteering, leadership roles x 4 in various clubs, co-op position, and other stuff tapped into each cluster. Essays: Spent at least 2-3 months, always tied to personal experiences. Multiple edits by professional school and close friends. Geography: IP
  12. struggling2getin

    Uoft Interview Discussion 2017

    There was a wave today, got invited at 1:54PM for April 8! My stats are in a lot of my post histories if anyone is interested, my hands are shaking and I have an exam coming soon so I won't be posting them. Good luck to the rest of you! Edit: I've calmed down and posted them after all
  13. struggling2getin

    Uoft Interview Discussion 2017

    Does anyone know if they will send formal rejections in the same time frame that the final group's invites are given, or is silence their means of rejection?
  14. Hi all, Me and a friend were interested in forming an MMI group in the North York/Richmond Hill area. Let me know if you're interested.
  15. Result: Reject GPA: 4.0 Year: 4th year UG MCAT: 515 (127/128/131/129) ECs: Average to below Geography: OOP Pretty sad about this one.