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  1. AFAIK UBC doesn't care about the MCAT outside of meeting the minimum cutoffs, which you do.
  2. From the admittedly few posts here so far it would seem that UBC places very little value on research.
  3. TIME STAMP: 3:00 Result: Reject GPA: 86.27 MCAT: 12/11/15 (38) ECs: 2 years Research (multiple papers, inc 1st author), Sports, five years coaching, mutliple scholarships, ect. Little volunteer work. Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Year: BSc. Dec 2014 Geography: IP AQ (For those with regrets): 26.55 NAQ (For those with regrets): 23.33 TFR: 49.88 Need more cookie cutter NAQ activities I guess, since that's what UBC values over meaningful experience.
  4. This would make more sense if the applicant pool reflected this, but there's a 50/50 split of male and female applicants.
  5. Interesting to see a ~12% slant in favour of women from applicants to entering class. I'd want to believe that there isn't systemic discrimination occurring in the UBC admission process but its hard to imagine that with 2000 applicants, 50/50 M/F, this distribution is just random chance (The law of large numbers and all that). Needless to say I find these numbers very concerning, and would hope some explanation is forthcoming.
  6. So what, if you were the PI, the last author, they would disregard the publication?
  7. I've put that I competed at the National Championships in "a sport" in this category. Donno if its as high of an achievement as they're looking for but whats the worst that could happen?
  8. All right thanks. This 350 character limit is killing me. i.e. trying to dumb it down as much as possible might be making it to general. - Performed self directed research research as a synthetic chemist. Independently designed, ran, and analyzed experiments. - Developed a high yielding procedure for the preparation of XXX, a novel XXX mimic. - Trusted to handle hazardous reagents, sensitive equipment, and produce publishable results.
  9. Just putting the finishing touches on my NAQs and I'm worried I may have written them using language that's too technically complex. Does anyone know who actually reads the NAQ submissions? Is it reasonable to expect comprehension on the level of a BSc?
  10. Never considered going to Med school a until around last year, and as a result my undergrad isn't exactly structured as most med schools want. (mostly due to work commitments) B.Sc. Chemistry 1st Year: 28 credits, GPA: 3.51 2nd Year: 28 Credits, GPA 3.61 3rd Year: 23 Credits, GPA: 3.85 4th Year: 24 Credits, GPA: 4.0 5th Year: Coop + 15 Credits, GPA: 3.9 6th Year: Coop + 15 Credits, GPA: TBA Cumulative GPA: 3.73 (OMSAS), 85.6% (UBC scale) As I understand it UBC is fairly forgiving in regards to not taking a full course load, and I and luckily a British Columbian; however from what I've read I'm pretty much screwed for most other schools. Is this about right?
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