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  1. How did y'all find out your decision? AED twitter says not till tomorrow.
  2. OOP here. Is a full course equivalent (i.e. what's neccesary for prereqs) the same as a full-year course or two semestre-long (half-year) courses? So two FCE in Life Sciences could be 4 half year courses in the relevant topics? Thanks
  3. Has anyone received confirmation that their application is complete and ready for review? I didn't get anything after submitting Step 2 and on the Dal Online Application Summary "1st Reference Letter" and "2nd Reference Letter" are still blank (I assumed those referred to the essays).
  4. Hi all. I'm IP, English. Name near end of alphabet. Still says 'Ready for Review' for me. I don't think they're doing a big refusal via twitter like they did last year since they seemed sort of sorry about that happening. Also, unfortunately, some people have received refusals. Good luck everyone.
  5. It was 50 http://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/admissions/categories/cdn
  6. I'm pretty sure your status will remain as "Ready for Review" until they release the interview invitations (sometime on Feb 4th), at which point it will probably change to something along the lines of 'supplemental documents required' (if you got an interview). The supplemental documents being two pieces of photo ID I believe.
  7. http://www.mcgill.ca/legaldocuments/ select "Quebec residents" from the drop-down menu. continue. next page shows the 14 situations where you can be considered a Quebec resident.
  8. Well technically an undergraduate degree is 120 credits. We get 30 credits from cegep and complete the remaining 90 credits with university courses. So it sort of makes sense that the cegep courses contribute in some way to the DegGPA. Although I'm not sure why only the science prereqs would count and not the all the courses you took in cegep. I asked M Dansereau about this a while ago if I remember right he said interview is 70% DegGPA and only after the interview is SciGPa considered. I suppose that doesn't really answer the question as to whether cegep courses are somehow worked into DegGPA.
  9. Does anyone know if this still applies if your science prereqs were all done at CEGEP?
  10. iPhone 4S: 300 min, unlmtd evenings+weekends (6pm), 1 GB data, caller ID, basic voicemail, unlimted texts, 100 long distance minutes - $50.00 +tax
  11. Enter ALL your courses including courses in progress and designate which courses are the science pre-reqs
  12. aed updated their twitter feed today to say that you don't get a chance to upload updated versions. They probably start reviewing candidates with completed files before the deadline.
  13. Can you please clarify what you mean here? I'm aware of McGill's physicianship curriculum and problem-based learning but I think they've had that for at least 3 years now and there doesn't seem to be anything on the website about a new curriculum. How will the 2013 entering class' curriculum differ from the one that's currently in place? Thanks
  14. That is sort of weird that they linked the MCAT to you by name. When you submitted the step 1 application did you choose 'I have no tests to report' at the appropriate tab?
  15. McGill does look at your VR score when considering the MCAT (http://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/admissions/selection-criteria) and they say that MCAT scores below 27 are rarely considered. So in your case I don't think it would be benfitial to submit your MCAT scores. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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