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  1. I will turn 25 later this year. I just graduated from nursing school and will be working as a full-time registered nurse next month in an oncology unit. Based on talking to others and seeking advice, it’s clear that I need a second undergraduate degree. If I do decide to go back to school in September and finish two years of full courses, I would be 27 or 28. Essentially I’ll be closer to 30 when I start applying for medicine. This means that I would be 40 after completing residency. This makes me nervous. I have a few family members who are practicing physicians and discouraged me from applying. I’m not sure how to feel about it.
  2. Rahvin13, you actually responded to my previous post with helpful advice. You suggested getting a second undergraduate degree which was my plan anyways. I'm just concerned about going to school and working full-time. If I put this plan on hold, is there any problem for a student applying for medicine in their early 30s? Would that be too old? P.S. I forgot to add that I do not have any lifelong commitments. I do not plan to have children ever so at least that won't be an obstacle.
  3. Hi all, I hope I could have some advice. I graduated as a nursing student from a university here in Ontario and I have decided that I have to pursue a second undergraduate degree if I want to go into medicine. It's like I have hit the "reset" button. Due to life circumstances, some of the years in my nursing degree were part-time and I also have a low cGPA. (Please do not suggest becoming a nurse practitioner - that's not the route I want to choose). I'm 24 if that helps. I just got a job as a RN so I plan to work until I get into medicine but is it possible to attend school AND work full-time? I am hoping to go back to school in September of 2019 or even January of 2020. Secondly, I have no idea if I should look at a 2-year or 4-year undergraduate degree. I'm aware that each medical school has a different policy but to be on the safe side, should I complete the UG in four years? Lastly, what program do you recommend for a second UG? I have earned a BScN degree, so nursing is not an option for me. Should I look at McMaster for Life Sciences? Or U of T? Thanks very much.
  4. Thank you so much. I’ll go back to get a second degree probably this year or next September.
  5. Hi Rahvin, thanks so much. I plan to take MCAT sometime this year or next year. I have a couple of questions: 1) Are 2 years in undergraduate education sufficient or do I need to take full 4 years of school? 2) Does working as a RN count as a EC? Thanks.
  6. Year 1: 3/5 courses. cGPA: 3.64 Part time due to illness. Year 2: 3/5 courses. cGPA: 3.73. That's when the battle started. Year 3: 4/5 courses. cGPA: 3.55. The lowest marks. Year 4: 4/5 courses. cGPA: 3.82 The highest marks. Year 5 and 6 = years off due to human rights battle. Year 7: 5/5 = c3.72. All electives. In all the first four years, I took one 1 Pass/Fail course in each semester so I don't know if that will make a huge impact or not. I should note that I did not do engage in any extracurricular activities or research activities. Thanks so much.
  7. Hi all, this is a long post and I would appreciate any advice. So I have completed nursing school here in Ontario. It has taken me nearly 7 years due to circumstances that were beyond my control. Long story short, the university cancelled one of the courses that I was supposed to start for no reason so I started a human rights battle with them. I won. It was pure hell and several lawyer even remarked that the situation was “unprecentended”. But time was lost and my status was shifted to part-time from full-time from the second year and onwards. That’s when I decided that it would be a good idea to start a second undergraduate degree to raise my GPA and take a full-time course load. Would this be a good idea? I would like to take a 1-year break and in the meantime I can work as a registered nurse. Or should I go back to school in September? If I ever apply to medicine, how can I explain that a course was cancelled and postponed all because it was the university’s huge mistake? Thanks so much. PS I can’t really provide any more details to maintain my anonymity.
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