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  1. Forgive me for the redundancy, I am sure that this has been asked so many times or "I could easily look this up myself". I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. I think it was a couple years ago that Calgary changed its GPA calculation policy. Ottawa (last three years, full course load in those years) Mcgill (will look at cGPA of last degree) Western (full course load, 3/5 rule, 4 year degree) Queens (best 2 years or cGPA) Dalhousie (best 2 years) Cheers Edit: NOSM will look at last degree (From my understanding), but I am not from a rural area so that means nothing to me haha
  2. LOL MY BAD. As you can see I am still having trouble understanding how Canada classifies medical graduates from the US, and other parts of the world. I need to do more reading. She's been practicing for a while so I assume this was before the surplus of medical graduates. So basically ACGME training from the US > FMG, when it comes to coming back to Canada?
  3. Yeah, I read that on the COMSA website! As for the story of my IMG Doctor, the doctor was from China, if that changes anything Edit: Completed medical school/residency in China. My understanding is that, there are only a few select spots designated for Internationally trained doctors allowed to practice in Canada. So even if you do really well on the exams, for Internationally trained doctors there is no guarantee that you can come to Canada and practice. The Doctor told me she got lucky and got through, not really sure what that meant either to be honest haha.
  4. My bad for not checking the CaRMS website before coming to post here, sorry about that! I guess I'll ask this while I'm here anyways. You mentioned that it would be easier to come back to Canada after residency. What is the difference between a DO graduate attempting to come back to Canada (Ontario) after residency, and obtaining a license to practice vs. an IMG (who has also finished residency) trying to do so?
  5. Recently, I've talked to a DO graduate and my academic advisor, and both have told me that there have been new policies set for next year's DO graduates to be considered as IMGs. The DO graduate matched in Canada this year, and confirmed this to me saying that this rule would be in effect for next year's DO graduates. I did a bit more browsing for information on google (typed it in once) Found the COMSA website: http://www.studentdo.ca/drupal_beta/returning "After completing an ACGME residency in the US, you will be eligible to apply for medical licensure in Canada. To obtain licensure, you must meet the four requirements of the Canadian Standard - the set of qualifications that makes a candidate eligible for full licensure in every province and territory. Once this has been met, the process of applying for and obtaining a Canadian medical license varies from province to province. " So my interpretation of this, and the steps COMSA generously outlined to come back to Canada for practice, seems to be that DO's will now have to go through the same hoops that any IMG must go through. The only benefit being a really good chance at matching for residency in the US/ and practicing there. Can anyone elaborate on this to further my understanding? I've talked to an IMG (Doctor at my clinic), who said she killed the licensing exams many times but with heavy competition never successfully got through until finally she got lucky and obtained a medical license. Does this mean that it is definite that DOs will now have to go through a similar experience to get back to Canada?
  6. Hey guys, I've gone through three years of undergrad, performed quite awfully. I put in substantially more effort in my third year, but did not see any improvement in my grades. So I decided to get checked for any learning/behavioural disabilities. Last month, I was diagnosed with ADHD via a psycho - educational assessment. At the moment, it is possible for me to graduate with a three year general Bsc (with poor grades). I was looking into the Kinesiology program, and it is possible for me to finish a new degree (with only 2 years worth of credits transferring) at Waterloo with advanced standing. If I were to get accepted, should I go with this, or start a BA, or take more schooling where I am at now? I am not sure how medical schools view advanced standing as one whole degree or two separate degrees (especially if they are two Bsc degrees). cheers Chris
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