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  1. there's no compitition because they already won the seats as long as they keep their gpa above 3 or 3.3/4. This year there are over 480 applicants, and they select 60 for interview, in the end 25 will be admitted (which has no preference whether you are a mcgill student or not). So you need to be top 5% of the all the people who has at least 3.3/4 cgpa. Good luck.
  2. what's lame is they give the priority (70-80% of their seats) to mcgill PT undergrads, which is a not so relevant and kinda unnecessary program, if you already have a BSc.
  3. 300 last year, so I was told, they selected 30 for interview
  4. so someone says it's gonna be in the next COUPLE of weeks...damn
  5. I think after U3 you don't have summer off anymore, it's straight down to finish (18 months?) so total is actaully 2.5 years...
  6. interview invitations are supposed to be out soon? let the panicking start then.... :eek:
  7. OT sent out their invitation that early??
  8. Applied:Mcgill QYPT, Queens Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: (cum and sub): cGPA 3.55, subGPA 3.6? Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: shadowing PT clinics, rehab centers volunteering PT department of an elderly center, church soup kictchen, cardiac rehab/exercise program MSc in Biochem...probably not useful but I worked hard for that...lol 2.5 years hospital cancer researcher working experience did kinesiology for a year for anatomy, biomec and other prereqs right now in first year PT rehab undergrad program Hoping to get in this year so I can skip one year of study...getting really old and tired of school
  9. the deadline is the date they receive or the stamp date when the letters are sent? one of my reference was sent one day before the deadline....
  10. do you need to have all the prerequisites before you get in or you can do some later? I have everything but intro pychology....
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