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  1. I'd imagine that these were quite rare as I've spoken with one of these residents before, and they said that they were able to back out of their contract as long as they repaid the entire cost of their Canadian training. If you were doing something like a 5 year surgical residency it would pretty quickly turn into a significant sum of money even for a fairly well off individual.
  2. I'm not certain if they're forbidden, but I've only seen people wearing the "Misty Green", hospital provided scrubs when in the OR. That being said, you get the scrubs from a machine and you're allowed to have two sets taken out at once. As a result some people wear one pair while stowing the spare in their bag in event they have to change while on the floor. You might be good with just the two pairs, if not then you can always run down and exchange the soiled set for a clean one (time permitting).
  3. I feel you may be approaching this the wrong way. I would suggest finding an area of Medicine or Dentistry that you are particularly passionate about, and then getting into contact with people who work in that field. The important thing to remember is that there are a number of reasons why a physician many not want to have someone shadowing them. The only thing that you can really do in that situation is thank them for their time and ask someone else. Recently I had the amazing opportunity to do, essentially an extended observership, with a surgeon throughout August. My benefit to him was near negligible. The biggest thing I could do is just try not to interfere with anything. At the end of the day, my purpose there was to learn and that's what I did.
  4. I was a patient model last year and I can confirm it was a spectacular experience. The CSTAR facility is rather nice and, assuming the layout is the same as last year, there are TVs above each bed that you can watch the scan on with relative ease. There is a good amount of independent scan time so you'll often find yourself being more proficient with the procedures than the attendees. At one point we were even taught how to do an ultrasound guided central line although, we could not cannulate the wire as we wanted it to be in the best condition for the attendees. Overall I found it rather enjoyable and I look forward to doing it again this year.
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