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  1. Curious, I have to call tomorrow as I was out today when they did call. When do I need to give a definitive choice by?
  2. Hey what is the wording for the wait list? Does each tier get the: "Although you were not ranked to receive an offer at this time, it was recommended that your name be placed on our Wait List. Any offer that is not accepted will be filled by an individual from the Wait List."; and its what"s after that sentence that determines the tier? I am guessing the "in recent years, applicants in your position on the wait list have received an offer of admission." is the high tier? 'Cause if so I went for the low last year to the high this year.
  3. Good luck with your application and interviews this year :)!

  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help me out in regards to the ABS. I have written out my entries, but would appreciate someone looking them over and critiquing the phrasing of the activity... If you are, please PM me, I would send you over a google doc. Thanks guys.
  5. Hey. Yea I am here. I am trying to figure out what to do. When it came to my mom, she apologized about how she said what she said, but still concluded that she was holding out for a Canadian chance and is majorly dissapointed. Right now I am sort of at a loss of what to do. I made a post in the American section here about my situation as it stands. I have a deferred acceptance to a USDO school in Indiana (I deferred from last year to this year). I am unsure on what to proceed with. My parents are fine with me re-applying, but are highly doubtful of anything coming to fruition. Someone else here suggested clinical psychology, as my interests in medical school chiefly center around psychiatry. I have never really thought about it, but I spent the last day and today looking more into it and seeing it as a great option. Still, I need to know more and contacted a clinical psychologist in my city, as well as a counselor I know. However, I didn't do much Psych in my undergrad. Two courses + an educational psychology based thesis. I know UWaterloo offers a make-up psychology program for people like me, to take psych courses, but not as a degree program. I was told I may only need 9 to 11 out of the total 16 credits due to my previous psych, thesis, and research methods courses from my biology degree. As well, I am mainly interested in practicing (particularly with youth and addictions). I understand there are three Psy.D programs in Canada, but the majority are PhD.... So confusing. Furthermore, I am not to sure about the job security and outlook with this profession, mainly because I hope to work with a mental health facility, rather than private practice... For me, the worry lies in the expenses. Attending a US school, MD or DO, requires a lot of upfront cash. My parents are supportive, saying they will help.... But it is so much money that it worries me (what if the dollar fell even more? what if something happens to them?). On the other hand, however, it is a guaranteed path to Psychiatry. A number of Canadians are currently enrolled, close to graduating, etc. Of course, this path may mean a goodbye from Canada for good. Unfortunately, as we all know, Canadian medicine is never a for sure thing. In either case, I am re-applying, and members here have offered help for me in this (which I appreciate and thank greatly). I am just lost on what path to take, what is best... Hmm.
  6. Hello everyone. I was wondering if I could get some advice. Back in the 2015/2016 cycle, I applied with a 31 MCAT to USMD and USDO schools, though admittedly I applied late to MD. I was accepted, ultimately, to MU-COM in Indiana. However, I was not able to secure LoC funding (TD and CIBC denied us on the count of my mother not having recent paystubs, she has been on medical leave from her job as a nurse. Currently still is, as well). I was fortunate to get a deferral to this year. During that application cycle, as well, I re-took my MCAT and scored 515 (130 CARS). I again applied to USMD schools, though too few and late to receive anything. I did apply to CanMD schools, and received one interview at UWO, from which I as rejected (this past Tuesday). I am now at a state of loss on what I should do. Going to medical school in the US is extremely costly, and the financial burden that I would be placing on my family concerns me greatly (what if the loonie fell even more?). On the other hand, it is a guaranteed path to becoming a physician. I am not sure what to do, really. Go USDO, and re-apply as I do first year? Go for another career? If anyone here can PM me, I would appreciate someone to discuss this with. Thank you
  7. Hey everyone. Thanks for the replies. They mean a lot. It sucks this has happened to me. it's my second time applying, I applied last cycle with a 31mcat. I actually got I USDO acceptance, but was denied loans from TD and cibc, so I deferred. I still don't think i could afford it, or put that stress on my family (you have front your own money too as the loan wont cover it completely) it sucks that I had a chance, but no money. And now I failed at a chance here. I work two jobs. This retail job and a job with a youth group home. I want to try to replace my retail with another residental home Job. When I told my mom how hard it is to get a job, to get into medical school, she said "everything is hard for you, isn't it" Sigh, I don't really know what to do. It's only been a day, but still. I want to sleep in my car to tonight. I really do not want to go home after work. Ugh
  8. Hey everyone. So the results came out today. I only interviewed at western, I got rejected from mac and queens. I also got rejected from western. It sucked. I was so sad this morning, and I went to work depressed and out of it. I felt like a failure and disappointment to not only myself, but my family. But hey I succeeded at something. Disappointing my family. I called home during break at work to talk to my mom... I called only to hear me get blasted on being a failure. On being a disappointment. On wasting time. On not caring about my future. "There is something wrong with you" That hurt. There is something wrong with me, because it took me three times to get a score to land me an interview in Canada. There is something wrong with me, because I only got one. There is something wrong with me because I got rejected everywhere. Apparantly I dont care about my future what so ever. I have a degree in biology at work part time minimum wage at a retail store that a high schooler can work at. I don't care about my future because if I did I would have gotten in. Look at all those kids who got in on their first try. I am not one of them. And I tried to tell her about the whole 3x application cycle, but she wasn't having any of it. I'm just a waste of a son. Their only kid, a waste. I get it. I have a 3.5 gpa. I screwed up my undergrad. I get it. I did my mcat 3 times, where everyone else they imagine did it once. I get it. I am a failure. I am a disappointment. She told me to go doing nursing or pharmacy or who cares because I am to stupid to be a doctor, and there is no point in re-applying because its a waste of money (because if I cared, i wouldve gotten in). Just like how I wasted my time in undergrad, and now wasted two years out of undergrad. It's all my fault. I know it is. I broke down during end of day infront of my manager. She asked if something as wrong, I guess she could tell. I cried. I told her what happened. She was empathetic. I sat in my car crying. I kind of wanted to end it there. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am a failure, and I have no one to blame but myself. And I don't even know why I posted this. This wont help, really, in the end. Truthfully. I can't talk to the person I thought I could. So I am here. Expressing myself to strangers on the internet. Pitiful.
  9. Well. I feel like a failure. Rejection (or low waitlist or w.e). I have to go to work in an hour. And I wan to cry. I feel like a disappointment....
  10. It seems like there is this is perception in premedical culture that once you decide you want to attend medical school and become a physician you've already entered a losing battle.
  11. With all the jokes a d stuff going on, I am still concerned on what I am gonna do if I do t get in...
  12. If I don't get in I'm committing sudoko. That's right. I'm moving to Japan and commiting my life to the pursuit of Sudoko, even though I probably suck at sudoko.
  13. I feel you... I graduated 2 years ago and out extended family has already hit my family with "oh is he not in school yet? (This was after the 2015 cycle) Oh I thought he'd be in by now. Why isn't he in? I thought he wanted to go to medical school..." Pretty shitty. Also I don't think I can afford the American school I deferred at (because of finances...). So... Double whammy lol Must stay hopeful!
  14. I feel like everyone in here but me is gonna get accepted lol
  15. Ill be happy with a good wait list offer ,I'll go to windsor! Someone over there plleeaasseelord just throw me a bone. Monotonus retail is making my brain mush
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