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  1. Arztin

    Using "I" and "My" in the CV??

    I did use my and I a few years ago. So it's fine. Don't overthink it.
  2. This thread is getting nowhere. I find it a bit too inflammatory. Therefore, I will lock it. Good luck in your future endeavors canuck!
  3. Yup. Totally agreed. This part of medicine truly sucks.
  4. Seriously yeah.... It's truly a loser behavior to belittle more junior trainees. Talking about which, I just got yelled at by a staff recently for no good reason. That staff is known to have wild mood swings changing by the fraction of a second, so I didn't really care. As a junior resident, I still get amazed every now and then by some people in the medical profession (negatively speaking in this case).
  5. Arztin

    Cap in number of Electives

    I think it's great. At McGill, in our class year, we had up to 20 weeks of electives, and 24 for students who went to Gatineau. The problem was that if you all in, you are pretty much screwed if you back up with anything, including fam med. However, if you do electives in many fields, you will be seen as not serious to the eyes of some programs. I know people who got asked bluntly if they wanted that specialty because they didn't all in on that specialty. At a time where match rates are brutal, where this catch 22 exists, I think it's great. It will help students who didn't match to have a viable option when it comes to backing up. Also, it sucks to only have 8 weeks, but then everyone would only have 8 weeks.
  6. I know him. He was my classmate. Cool dude. He went through the French school system, so basically finished things 1 year earlier and somehow managed to skip another year. He told me about it, I forgot. Then did med-p at McGill. If he went to Sherbrooke, He'd be R2 now.
  7. banned. ads in the ads section only.

  8. I finished med school very salty and cynical, way more than I expected. Now as a resident, I'm definitely better in this regard. I think it depends a lot on our personality and our experiences.
  9. I just can't imagine how McGill is going to function if the saudi folks leave. Staff physicians will have to come round early and show up during their calls. Look at this program for example: https://www.mcgill.ca/orthopaedics/residency-program/current-residents Neurosurg must be similar. I hope residents won't get bullied even more to stay during post call days, or to do longer calls.
  10. Suppose they pull these residents back so suddenly. What will then happen to them? Before finding a new training program, it will most likely take a few month, if not an entire year before they can resume their training. I'm not sure the residents themselves would be too happy to know they need to go back so suddenly, when they had conditional jobs offers back in their home country upon the successful completion of a residency program in Canada.
  11. Arztin

    Will I ever be ready

    Relax Focus on getting in first. Think about CARMS after. You'll have plenty of opportunity to strengthen your application for CARMS once in med school. The process is indeed kind of unpredictable.
  12. Again that's just me. It probably doesn't bother many people.
  13. Being interested is fine. Helping out is fine. Asking if you can help is fine. However, overly keen, IMO, is more like: - saying stuff like ''oh wow so cool. oh wow amazing'' to everything - constantly fake smiling - asking too many questions - being such a gunner that you are pushing other students around - trying way too hard to impress
  14. Actually, I do percuss teeth for certain dental conditions, and I do percuss sinuses for acute rhinosinusitis. And @samy, yeah when it's blatantly obvious, it's easy to see. Otherwise on a regular patient, I was never able to see it, and I don't bother looking for it. Something that is very important though, is history taking. That is actually very important.
  15. Seriously, if given the chance to go home, GO HOME. Trust me.