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  1. Last ditch attempt to swap McGill IM on the 18th at 9:30 for a spot on the 24th. Please contact me if you have the slightest thought of switching dates - I’m confident we can work something out! If finances are a consideration let me know.
  2. Looking to swap McGill IM 18th at 9:30 for a spot on the 24th. Very motivated to swap - send me a DM. Thanks.
  3. Hey I'm in 3rd year at UofT...McGill's top of my list for CaRMS in GIM. Any current residents in GIM at McGill on this forum able to provide some insight on the program? I applied for a four-week elective at The Glen and I'm still waiting to hear back if it's been accepted. Cheers.
  4. Hello, I am believe that I will be going with MD Financial for my medical line of credit. It seems to be that all banks offer a relatively standard package, the most significant difference being on how long it takes to repay the LOC, and what is done with monthly interest, but in any case, I was most impressed with how MD Financial offered to meet with med students and help them set a realistic budget for their city/school. I am unsure about some of the things they told me however. They seemed to indicate that the organization MD Management is a non-for-profit organization that is a run in close coordination with the CMA, so much so that all Canadian MDs pay some form of dues, or have access to their services if they desire. This seems a little suspicious. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. OOP - Accepted to VFMP (1st choice) aGPA - 88% (I think) MCAT - 36Q (11/13/12) Rejected from Mac MMI, rejected from Sask MMI, waitlisted at Queens MMI/Panel, but accepted Vancouver MMI. So hard to interpret my performance. I will be declining this offer in favour of U of T. Best of luck to those on the waitlist, and congratulations to those who will be accepting their offer!
  6. Rejection GPA 3.73 VR 13 interview - thought it went fairly well...who knows with these things.
  7. TIME STAMP: 3:25 PM Result: Acceptance Program: MD 2 yrs GPA: no clue MCAT: PS/VR/BS 11/13/12 ECs: the strongest part of my application Year: Graduated last year Geography : non-SWOMEN my email says there's a letter containing the offer attached to the email, but I don't see any attachments. will likely decline in favour of UofT.
  8. I'm going to send Mac the video I have so far. It's several hours long. It first consists of my waking up while it's still dark and pacing the room for an hour. Then I open up my computer, I'll overdub the sound of a heart thumbing frantically, and for the next five hours it will be me constantly checking my email and the forums for a response. bloody bastards I feel bad for those of you who haven't received any news yet. I know too well how it feels. good luck
  9. Accepted St. George Time Stamp: 9:52am MCAT: 36Q Graduated wGPA: 3.88 ECs: really diverse, I'm a professional musician, involved with leadership at McGill Interview: thought I knocked it out of the park...
  10. Waitlisted, May 13, timestamp: 8:28 AM IP Graduated last year GPA: not sure MCAT: 36Q (12BS, 13VR, 11PS) EC's: Leadership, Research, Hospital work, professional musician, etc. sort of expected worse from Queens, I feel I didn't interview very well there.
  11. I'm in the same position...with six interviews this year I'll sometimes get a bit dazed and imagine acceptance to all of them. In my mind I have a clear first choice, and I even caught myself looking at apartments in that city because I thought I performed so well in the interviews, but I'm really trying to avoid telling people my first choice. Medical education in Canada is extremely thorough and standardised across Canada, and for that reason I can say that it's not a matter of which school I should be so fortunate to be accepted to, but whichever city of the six schools I interviewed at would I most like to live in... This wait is getting tough, knowing that all the medical schools have likely already prepared lists of those accepted/rejected/waitlist...bonne chance à tous.
  12. I graduated last year and applied this year, though I'm taking a '5th' year as a visiting part-time student (none of these courses are related to the degree I finished last year, it is an entirely separate, non-continuous program that doesn't even lead to a degree). If I should be fortunate enough to receive offers from the medical schools I interviewed at, will I be required to send them my final transcripts? Will offers be dependent upon my academic performance from this year? I interviewed at Toronto, Mac, Queens, and Western. Thanks!
  13. what if you are taking a pre-requisite (or two) this semester, though you already have a four year degree?
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