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  1. discuss after getting an interview invite...
  2. i dunna how this works cause you get a bachelors of dental surgery instead of DMD or DDS so you are not a doctor
  3. BC resident 80% cumulative gpa, 20AA, 24 pat although I have excellent extracurricular, research, lors. not gonna help that much cause this year, they are not accepting any lors, personal statement and all that...kinda bummed do i have a chance...?!! my dream school is UBC
  4. so basically no one who got waitlisted got off of it? omg that is not good news
  5. anybody got waitlisted and got off the waitlsit? IP?
  6. Hi my fellow Canadians I want to ask for those who have applied to the US what schools you would recommend me applying to. I have a fairly good list but if you could tell me which ones I should get rid of and which other ones I should add, that would be great.Thanks 1. Midwestern University 2. Loma Linda University 3. University of California San Francisco 4. University of the Pacific 5. University of Pittsburg 6. Nova Southeastern University 7. Temple University 8. University of Connecticut 9. Boston University 10. University of Detroit Mercy 11. University of Minnesota 12. University of Medicine&Dentistry of New Jersey 13. New York University 14. State University of New York, University at Buffalo 15. Case Western Reserve University 16. University of Minnesota 17. University of Pennsylvania 18. Columbia University 19. University of Michigan 20. University of Southern California
  7. congrats for those who got accepted! Hopefully, i'll be in your shoes next year:) for inprovince, do you guys mind sharing your stats and also when you got an interview invite!? BOTH accepted and waitlisted feedback would be appreciated! thanks
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